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    Video Producer rocking BMC Ursa Mini


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    i5 8400
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    ASUS ROG z370e
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    16GB Vengeance
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    EVGA 1060 6GB
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    GameMax Onyx
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    Too much
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    650w Gold Corsair
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    2 Samsung 24"
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    Razer Blackwidow Chroma v2
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    Razer Naga Chroma
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    Logitec 5.1
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    Win 10

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  1. That's genuinely impressive Yeah, it's kind of big - and you're right I'm toting it around more than I'm using it as a desktop replacement, more as a supplement to what I might do on a daily basis. I think from the discussions in this thread, SSD is definitely the way forward. Now to decide on a size I think. I will try and pick a best answer from your replies unless anyone has anything further to add to the conversation
  2. Can vouch for both, when I worked in computer repair we'd regularly just buy from the cheapest vendor when we needed parts, there where times when aria or over clickers fit the bill I've also personally purchased from overclockers for a cpu and their customer service was excellent
  3. Sounds fair, I'm mostly in it for the storage gains, and the pricing difference is making me hesitant This is a very good point you raise actually, I should consider the potential battery drain especially over prolonged periods of time where I may not have access to an outlet Are there any links / tests done on the difference of battery drain compared HDD vs SSD on the same laptop/setup? Be curious to see if this makes any real difference over sustained time. Especially if it only makes a difference when the drive has spun up for access. For example if I'm just using it as cold storage and accessing when I need will it be that significant?
  4. Hey Guys Just got a new laptop, and without researching it much I thought it was a great laptop, I like it apart from the atrocious viewing angles of the display, in every other element it's perfect for my use Ryzen 7 3700u 8GB Ram (Will be upgrading this) m.2 512gb So I decided to open it up and see what room I had for upgrading and saw that I have a 2.5 hdd/ssd slot, hence me coming here and asking for your opinions on this. So I've been thinking about upgrading and I'm not sure what route I want to go, so wanted to hear if anyone here has had a similar experience and what route they have went, or if you were in this position what would you do. Would you pick 1tb 5400 2.5 hdd? Or 480gb ssd? I'm not really bothered about the price, it's just the internal justification of spending 2-2.5x more on an SSD for the same amount of storage Will be using this laptop for a little bit of everything. LIght gaming when on the go, powerpoints for events, light video editing through premiere and using the Adobe suite of products and web development. Thoughts?
  5. I don't know what happened Can't seem to edit /etc/hosts in $ su or sudo vim or sudo nano (I'm only trying to edit this file because I think it's the cause of the issue below) always get either sudo: unable to resolve host <host>: Resource temporarily unavailable i've replaced my actual hostname with <host> or i get an error saying that the file is readonly, despite trying to run the editor as sudo or su Please help? Ubuntu Serv 18.04
  6. Going to need a lot more information to even begin trying to help Can you post your code?
  7. It's called SDIO Snappy Driver Installer Origin https://sdi-tool.org/ Download the LITE Version When you open it click DOWNLOAD INDEXES ONLY Then it will show you all the drivers, tick the ones you want, press go and sit back and relax.
  8. This motion is seconded. I use EventBrite very regularly, the caveat is that they take a small percentage of the fee, but you can bake it in and lose it, or pass the fee on to the end user. Really great interface and super easy to use.
  9. As this is for Privacy, there are MAC Changers, in fact, most newer and modern devices randomly generate a new mac address everytime they connect to a network, even if it's a known network. This means for example, if you walk down a high street in a straight line, from shop 1 through to 20, and your phone says "Hello! I'm a phone, my WiFi is on! What's your name?" they will all respond with their SSID (Network Name) Like "Shop 1 Eatery" for you to connect In theory you could get the times of all these handshakes, without ever connecting to any of them as retrieving the information was enough you could plot all the points of your device and say with some degree of confidence they walked this way at this time But now with the randomization it just says well here there was a device that requested this, and for shop 2, 3, 4, n they all show differently, thus being unable to show any pattern.
  10. You've still left out some important questions, What games or services do you plan on hosting? Gaming only? Website and other amenities such as Teamspeak or Ventrilo? Throw us a bone!
  11. https://amzn.to/2OLiLGq have a look at this? Newer format more upgradability options Do you have a budget and a build you need?
  12. Because that's their value, not a great cpu https://m.cpubenchmark.net/cpu.php?cpu=AMD+Athlon+X4+845&id=2721 It's also based on a Mobil Chip and it has been tweaked for Desktop use, so normally you'd find these on smaller dies for Laptops. It's not the latest or greatest, performs "well" Could do in a budget gaming rig but don't rely on the Integrated graphics (if any) I feel this would be something for like a HTPC, the FM2+ platform is dead, so if you're looking for upgradability i'd recommend looking for something else https://amzn.to/2OLiLGq have a look at this?
  13. I hope this is troll... You didn't mention it, but stop using your laptop when plugged in on uneven surfaces, IE: In bed, on your lap, in a tight space Toe nails grow 1/3rd the speed of fingernails. If you've had to cut your fingernails 3 times, it's probably time to look at your toes Bonus: I've never had to purchase a second cable for anything except for when I lose it. I have literally never broken a cable through regular use, and am confused as to how it happens to others. Stop moving the cable in use, make sure there's no weight on the cable, it doesn't just magically bend from being used, there has to be (even if it's just a little) weight or pull on the cable for it to become that deformed. If you have to, run an extension cable to your desk so that the whole cable is on the desk so that there is literally no pull on it.