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  1. i can't replace a case at the moment unfortunate
  2. oh then its normal thank you i was starting to panic that i might have a defected CPU that love to jump up and down.
  3. hello, i build my pc 2 months ago and i decided to take my Gif off my NZXT Z63 and i notice my temp was spikeing it will drop to like 50 then jump in the 60c+ mark then drop back down, even when there is no background applicants running. 2 days ago it spikes to 83c from 70c. my pc build is MOTHERBOARD-MSI TOMAHAWK MAX RYZEN-3700X CASE-NZXT H510ELITE + 4 AER RGB 2 FANS CPU COOLER-NZXT Z63 AIO GPU-1070TI i haven't mess around with much in Bios just enable xmp to make my ram runs at 3600. i increase fan speed to 85% loud as hell even my mic picking it up the temp drop to 50 but still spiking over 60c kinda worrying that something is wrong i can't replace anything due to losing my job to Covid
  4. As the title say i notice when ever nzxt starts up my fan light and rgb stripe turn off, i close nzxt cam reboot my pc and my aer2 rgb fan and stripe turn on but on a default white light. i even swap out the connection for the fans and it was working for like 1h then it shut down again. any idea what's causeing this? Im using the H510 elite case and using the build in controller. i even went and connect the x2 fans and 1 rgb stripe to my NZXT Z63 AIO and same as before was working then stop.
  5. the ram is compatible i used it on that cpu/Motherboard for 2 years and no post error or beep sounds
  6. An update to my old post about pc not booting up, My pc refuse to boot up i change the PSU/GPU and even the ram check all connection is plug in right and still will not boot, and today i take the dd4 2666 and put it in my main pc and the rgb light came on but pc refuse to boot. while in my old pc the rgb light will not come on/i used this ram for 2 years in that system. i even went and put in my dd4 3600 ram which i bought a last week and the ram rgb will not come on nor boot. so i am left thinking is it my motherboard or the ram. PLEASE HELP! IM LOST! All of this was working fine untill i build a new pc and only took the PSU but i notice it wouldn't boot the moment i put the 1050ti in i even replace that with a 1070ti and still nothing, i then replace the psu with the one i been using for 2 year in that same pc and nothing. the 1050ti is 100% in working condition and my new pc detect it. so yea kinda lost here. The Old PSU IS- EVGA 650W 80+GOLD NEW ONE/REPLACEMENT -EVGA 500W White
  7. hello i recently buy an NZXT ambient light and notice if i change the light from spectrum wave the power supply makes a buzzing sounds from where its plug in. i can't Return it due to tossing some of the stuff came with it ETC different region socket adapter. is this a cause for concern the noise it makes
  8. thanks it's perfect the msi one, and only £3 more on amazon
  9. No OC its for my 10year old brother he will only be play fortnight on it. and go on website to do some maths work so don't want anything expensive since am not working just need something to get it up and runing without issue
  10. gonna buy a new Motherboard on amazon next 3 week, and i can always return for free. any recomendation? the case i am using support MAtx and the cpu is I5-8400
  11. i did with the psu im curently using and what was being used on that motherboard, so in all i used x2 PSU the one that was being used on it for 2 years and a new psu i buy this week
  12. sorry for bad gramar. my last guess is the motherboard might have died. the RGB ram don't lit up when turn on all the fans spining. i taken out the ram already tested them seperately and in my new rig and they work they just don't lit up nor anything boot on my old rig. and i been using those same ram 2 years and i forgot to mention this but. my new 16gb of toughram didn't lit up on the motherboard so it might be all x4 dimms on the motherboard died
  13. ok but when i was building my New PC i forgot to format the SSD i was supposed to put windows on and the PSU I used was the old one i been using for 2years. and put the 1050ti in since i already taken out my GPU and it didn't boot and i was like wtf the only thing that is new in the pc is the GPU and i end up couldn't format the SSD that way
  14. ok i test the 1050ti in my new pc and it works my system pick it up as a 1050ti so could the motherboard died during takeing out a power supply?
  15. will try the GPU tomorrow i lived too far.