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    Wasting my money on a computer.
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    I like pizza, have a dope setup and thinks Linus is a bit of a goof.
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  • CPU
    Intel Core i5-6600k
  • Motherboard
    ASUS - Strix Z270-E
  • RAM
    XPG - Spectrix D41 16G (2x8) RGB 3000mhz
  • GPU
    ASUS - Strix GTX -1050ti
  • Case
    Thermaltake - View 27
  • Storage
    WD - Green 240GB 2280 M.2 SSD
  • Cooling
    Corsair - H100i V2 Liquid Cooler
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    Corsair - STRAFE Mechanical (Silent MX)
  • Mouse
    Logitech - G502 Proteus Spectrum
  • Sound
    Logitech - G933 Artemis Spectrum Gaming Headset
  • Operating System
    Microsoft - Windows 10 Pro
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  1. Hello I have recently bought a CM Master Case H500 to help with my thermals across my PC, The CPU is in own ecosystem However the GPU is harder, The fan curve in the BIOS is directed for the CPU temps not the temp of the GPU, so is there anyway can make the Case fan curve be affected by the GPU instead of the CPU? Thank you Edit: I have the Aorus RTX 2060 Super Graphics Card ( https://www.centrecom.com.au/gigabyte-aorus-geforce-rtx-2060-super-8gb-graphics-card )
  2. I do want to use OBS facecam overlay, and I tried AMF encoder, but its horrendous
  3. Hello I am wanting to upgrade either my CPU or GPU for streaming I have currently have: CPU: Ryzen 5 2600 GPU: MSI Radeon RX 580 OC mk.2 Mobo: ASUS CROSSHAIR VI HERO AM4 RAM: Adata XPG Spectrix D41 16GB DDR4-3200 I dont know what exactly know what to upgrade, the CPU or GPU, I heard out NVENC new encoder, but if I were to get a 2060 Super it'll be a bit pricey so I could just use some guidance that'll be great. Thank you EDIT: IM AUSTRALIAN, forgot to mention that
  4. Hello So I am wanting to upgrade my system build as my Intel Core i5 6600k is not suitable for streaming with x264 encoder. I have looked almost every where for a high end intel setup but noe I give up as Intel is Dollars bill spender So maybe Ryzen could be an option however I am no way shape or form know how AMD cpus perform so thats why I am here I just need a CPU and Motherboard as I do have RAM: 16GB 3000mhz Adata Spectrix D41 GPU: MSI GAMING X Radeon RX580 8GB GPU PSU: Thermaltake Smart RGB 600W PSU Rules: MUST BE WITHIN 420-440 AUSTRALIAN dollars. Thanks :^D
  5. I didn’t know chrome took 80 percent usage and I didn’t even start it up
  6. This is insane, nothing is open but TASK MANAGER
  7. Hey So I have been running bechmarks recently ever since I wanted to overclock, and then I did all the overclocking shenanigans. After that my benchmarks are strange "CPU utilisation at 85 from openeing nothing but Intel Extreme Tuning Utility or even simple games like fortnite??" So can someone help me? My OC settings: 4.30ghz on all 4 cores Adaptive Core Voltage Specs: CPU: I5-6600k Motherboard: ASUS Strix Z270E Motherboard RAM: ADATA XPG D41 16GB 3000 Mghz Cooler: Corsair H100i v2 AIO Cooler GPU: MSI Radeon RX580 Gaming X (Overclocked Aswell) Storage: WD Green 240Gb M.2 SATA SSD (has about 50gb of storage Storage 2: Seagate Barracuda 1GB 7200 RPM HDD PSU: Thermaltake 600W Smart RGB PSU (this took me a damn long time to write lmfao)
  8. Ah Alright, Thanks for the information,
  9. Hello ya'll I have been surfing the internet for a while now trying to get a buyer online for my RAM Module (2×8 Kit, 2400mHz). And its pretty difficult since some where like ebay isnt exactly a safe spot for users to buy from (or my ram isnt RGB... idk) but I am trying to upgrade my module and I would like to spare a few cash from this kit to a new one. Where could I sell my parts? (Im australian if yall were needing that info) And second anyone interested?
  10. Hello ya'll I know what yall thinking, "what a waste of money" or "what an idiot". But the reason I am asking this because: 1. I found an amazing deal in a computer computer store. 2. Because of the usefullness of upgradability in the future. I need to know asap. thanks.