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  1. Make Edzel play CS:GO over Remote Desktop. Trust me, it will be funny.
  2. Hellloooooooo

    1. LukeSavenije




      what is this?

  3. Yeah, Europe is a nightmare. Tickets for flights are expensive, so a live stream would be appreciated.
  4. Yeh. I live in UK and I can't afford to fly to Canada for LTX but would love to see some of it, live.
  5. Thank you! I want to add a second m.2 in the future so I chose that motherboard.
  6. going to stay with the stock cooler until I get some cash, then get a fancy AIO. My psu is a semi-modular cooler master 500w.
  7. Thank you for your help. Going to run back to pcpartpicker...
  8. Thanks a bunch. The 2600x comes with a stock cooler because it is second gen.