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Maria Phene

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    United Kingdom
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    Apple, Technology, Gadgets
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    Hi All
    Girl living in the UK. Not a big nerd but love myself the latest gadgets - whether it's a funny new fidget toy or the latest iPhone.
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    Asrock Z170 Extreme
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    32GB Corsair Vengance
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    Something small and s**t
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    1TB SSD, 2TB Hybrid
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    1000W Corsair Gold
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    34" Curved UltraWide LG
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    Custom Liquid
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    Logitech K750
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    Logitech MX Master
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    Sony Bluetooth Headphones
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  1. You could always mine with a VPS. I saw this article on Monero VPS Mining the other day. There's absolutely no electricity bill there :D. Of course, it's not profitable either haha. Use something like https://whattomine.com/ to see if it's worth mining. I run miners on my devices while I use them. Doesn't earn much but better than nothing.
  2. This sounds a great news, especially to those who are in to windows games. It is good news that Steam Play will automatically install compatibility tools that will allow to play games from the library that were built for other operating systems. I just hope that this will not create issues or crashes on computer performance.
  3. Still, I prefer hearing the real news and happenings around the world. Simply because news gives information that influences and sometimes solves actual problems. I think the best content to filter are those contents that includes false and inaccurate reports.
  4. I think it's an excellent move to ban from the internet the ISP's that accesses and downloads copyrighted file. By this process, it will be easy to take solutions to piracy and copyright infringement cases. I hope that this will serve as a solution to stop illegal file sharing.
  5. Kuri robots are adorable one, I always wish to have this kind of robot that captures every single moments around your home. Unfortunately, the manufacturer is shutting down and it a very sad news for fans of cute robots. I hope that they will return in manufacturing once the problems encountered are solved.
  6. I'm expecting because it's a stripped-down version of the operating system of Samsung, they will also lower the price, but the price is really unexpected. I think making it affordable to the market is a good launching surprise.
  7. Claiming their headquarters is worth only $200 is very unbelievable. With almost 500 open cases dating back to 2004, I think their intention is to keep the case in the court and never pay the actual taxes. But, obviously in the end, they are the ones that will suffer the consequences in their tax avoidance issues.
  8. It is true that the new trade tariffs are destroying a lot of smaller companies. I will not be surprised if many other small companies will close and be forced into bankruptcy. Moreover, I'm sad because Caselabs will not be able to manufacture and sell any of its PC cases.
  9. Interrupting Netflix streaming by ads, will really cause people to freak out and to have various complaints. I, myself is reacting to this controversial new feature but as long as it is skippable, I think this is much okay than never. Because users are paying for the video content not on ads.
  10. Well, the performance of the phones best matters to me not the looks. And I think the battle is between android and ios versions of the phone. But for me, I still prefer using android phones.
  11. Well, I hope that Google One is a better one. And the question is, how does Google Drive work and how much are Google One plan. I wish that this new features and pricing plan will really be beneficial to the users.
  12. Well, I guess complaints are all over the web the today. I just hope that it will not endanger my personal access and information because attackers and hackers are all over the internet. So, Google must solve this issues before it becomes severe.
  13. Vulnerabilities are really a trending topic for all time. Foreshadow is the third significant flaw to affect the company’s chips this year. I hope that the patch they released will really mitigates or stops the problem for attackers could exploit this vulnerability to obtain sensitive information.
  14. Thanks for exposing these different vulnerabilities on default apps that are pre-installed and mostly non-removable. These flaws on pre-installed app can create a huge problem to most of the android users. I hope that manufacturers will take action to resolve this alarming report.