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  1. Bump, just in case anyone ends up with an inspired response.
  2. After a bit over a year? It _has_ gotten very hot where she is, but I'd be surprised if it could evaporate that much. I had a Corsair H50 that ran reliably for several years before I retired it (I know that's just one anecdote). Anyway, I'll still hope that some more ideas pop up in this thread, so I have more to consider and/or test than just a bad cooler.
  3. I'm still scratching my head that: 1. Furmark is pegging a CPU. On my 6700k right now, Furmark does _nothing_ to my CPU utilization or temps (as expected). 2. One core being pegged is causing everything to heat up _that much_ I'm paranoid that there's some kind of software or hardware issue that I can't identify that's causing it to bake, like too much current. A new cooler wouldn't solve that.
  4. I know I know. It's just one of those "make no assumptions" situations. I can't tell yet if the pump is working, so for all I know it's just seated poorly or the paste is bad. Someone suggested grabbing the two tubes of the AIO and see if there's a notable temperature difference.
  5. Hey I've been off the AIO train, but I'm also yet unconvinced that it's the cooler itself until we've actually confirmed the issue sticks around.
  6. Hey folks! I'm trying to diagnose an issue remotely for a friend. She has a 9700k and an RTX 2070 from iBuyPower. The cooler is some kind of 120mm AIO with push/pull. She's had this build for a bit over a year, and very recently the PC has started to hard shut off while she's playing (FF 14). No blue screen, just cut to black. At first I assumed power supply instead of overheating, as I had a similar issue in the past. I wanted to be able to reliably induce the issue so we could tell if we fixed it, by stressing the parts and getting the PSU to shut off. I had her download and run Furmark to start. The GPU handled it fine, but weirdly a single CPU core spiked to high utilization, and the entire CPU got real toasty (100+C on a core). You can see the temps and utilization in the attached pic. AFAIK Furmark does barely anything to CPUs; I ran it on my rig today and my CPU stayed at largely idle, so that was weird. But in any case, the CPU shouldn't be getting that hot, especially not when a single core is fired up. At that point I favored stopping instead of trying to induce the shutdown. Potential things: 1. The cooler is bad, maybe the pump 2. The cooler and/or thermal paste is installed poorly/insufficiently 3. Some kind of hardware fault causing the CPU to get abnormally hot 4. Some kind of software issue causing excess current? She can feel the the AIO tubes vibrating. I had her turn off the PC, tilt the case a couple of times to get air bubbles moving around, and listen for water flow as it turned on, but we can't yet confirm that the pump is definitely moving water. #2-4 I think get progressively less likely, as I'd be surprised as to why it's suddenly becoming so power hungry, but I couldn't give you any examples of 3 and 4. And even if the cooler install was insufficient, why would any of 2-4 start becoming a major problem _now_? I'm having her order thermal paste to try reseating the CPU cooler with fresh paste, as the simplest and cheapest option. Any thoughts/ideas on what else we should consider or test? Thanks in advance.
  7. Is it just the game that freezes? Is everything else still responsive? Can you Ctrl-Alt-Del out? Do you have to hard reset?
  8. Is the chat on the website broken for anyone else? It just says "You should reconnect by reloading the page" every time. I thought it might be one of my chrome extensions blocking something, but it happens on clean IE11 and Firefox as well.

    Star Citizen

    The people that got in "early" (which was something like one year) and got Lifetime Insurance (per-ship basis) get their ship and the stock equipment replaced for free. Current buyers only get a certain amount of time (up to six months or something like that) of insurance, that they must extend with in-game currency.
  10. I just joined and put in my application. I answered "other" for poll... I'd actually like to be in some sort of administrative group if one gets formed. I got in with a Freelancer, but I'm not sure what I'll end up doing.
  11. It's worth putting that in a code block, and then surrounding that block with spoiler tags. Makes the post cleaner.
  12. There seems to be some misinformation and misconceptions regarding the game. Some of this is already posted, but it's worth aggregating. To be looking at the current packages as "buying ships" or "buying the game" is incorrect. Just like any crowdfunding, it's a way to support the development, and also get something extra in return. They have said this themselves. Fortunately the price Adding to #1, ships are expensive partially for this very reason. When you contribute, you're not "buying a ship", you're helping them out and getting a ship in return. The ship rewards are in a way proportional to the money you dump in; if you believe in Star Citizen so much that you're putting in hundreds or even thousands of dollars in, they reward you with cool stuff. I suspect it was also to discourage people from getting a ton of ships with lifetime insurance (LTI) for cheap this early on; I'm sure it's clear why this would be bad in many ways. I don't foresee prices changing at all, since buying ships is a development offer only (unless they decide special offers post-launch). Lifetime Insurance (LTI) was another great reward. It's also unique in that it covers the ship and the stock attachments. Cargo and upgrades are not covered like standard insurance. It will continue to be possible to purchase in-game currency on their shop, but they limit the amount per some unit of time (day, week, month, something like that) to prevent people from avoiding the economy. There are a limited number of alpha slots. There were actually way less than now, but the amount of money let them expand it and also plan to set up servers in more places (I think the original plan was for a NA-only alpha). There are currently less than 10k slots left. I don't know if there will be more for beta. Regarding pay-to-win, it's far from the case. Even if all the ships and all the best upgrades and equipment were available in the shop (which is not the case), the game that SC is aspiring to be has much more of an emphasis on player skill. Even if you own a Constellation and have real players manning all the positions, a group of bombers and fighters can lay waste to your ship. Someone who buys a Hornet and fits it with awesome equipment and upgrades (using in-game currency) can still get get wrecked by a skilled Aurora pilot. Being able to buy currency means nothing in combat. Hopefully that puts your minds at ease.