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  1. I have a Am2 am2+ pc i got recently and it wont start when i plug in the 4 pin cpu power pin in,but if i just have the motherboard power connector in it starts up,any clue whats wrong with it. I tried resetting cmos,i used just one ram stick in,i tried different configs in ram i tried with my gpu in and out Motherboard is a asus M2N-sli Deluxe it has a AMD Phenom X4 9850 BE
  2. AMD seems to produce better deeper blacks and better depth of color imo
  3. Upgrading cpu soon,hopefully i can find a good price


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    2. Lowbuget


      I just updated my Parts lol,haven't been on for a good bit

    3. The King of the Undead

      The King of the Undead

      then there is no need for a new mobo! you can get 1st gen ryzen 5's for like 60 bucks.

    4. Lowbuget


      Yeah i was planing to find some r5 cpu cus my current one is not cutting it for star citizen

  4. Me and My Friend are currently developing a fivem roleplay server,anyone can spawn in custom cars and anyone can be a cop(For now it may change in the future depending) Discord link https://discord.gg/Rv6aXA Hey admins If this doesn't adhere to the rules please tell me and i will get rid of the post
  5. yeah im only going to have my freinds on it so yeah
  6. Can my laptop run a minecraft server? it would run jurrasic craft 2 specs are, AMD a8 7410 8 gigs of ddr3 ram i can give more info if you need to know.
  7. I recently got a 2 gig stick of ram for my pc(Was running just a single channel of 4) and before i was able to play Gta sa with no problems and now i will click play on steam and it will say game running then a few seconds later it will stop running,any fix for this? P.s on on windows 7
  8. Honestly if thats all your using for minecraft and very rarely for battle royale stuff then yeah it will be fine. Now if you think you will get into other stuff later then yeah go for ryzen
  9. Activision said it will be 175 gigs with all the after launch content,base game is way less
  10. a person who is doing illegal things(5% of the time some cops are just assholes) are afraid of police,imo people should just get over it and move on,and if your going to bring up some point about racism i will just say this in advance,as a great man once said "If you want to stop racism then stop talking about it." that is what i just got to say in this topic.P.s i hope i did not offend anyone : D
  11. I just started working at my first job and wanted to build a new Pc and i lost my old recommended pc list so i need help my budget is 1200 usd ,This is the games i play gta v(online and Fivem) Minecraft Destiny 2 gmod The wicher 2 unturned
  12. assuming it was hot enough to give 1st degree burns,so thats 118 degrees f,and thats just on the plastic where its going to be least hot
  13. yeah way to hot imo since that had to be at 111 degrees f at least
  14. Plastic is too thick for the usb end to make connection