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  1. I second it, that doesn't make any sense. @btng Wattage calculators are garbage, don't trust them. 550W is fine if not OC'ing, a 650W-750W if you are OC'ing, depending on your overclock.
  2. Wattage calculators are crap, don't use them. Take what the calculator gives you and cut it in half. A good 550W PSU will handle everything just fine. Only real reason to go with more than 550W is for dual GPU setups, even then those are pointless. As for the case, have a look at the Phanteks Pro M Special Edition, very roomy for many applications, server etc.. Or look at my signature.
  3. When are people going to stop giving into EA.. Well PC players wised up at least.
  4. Most users on this forum are inexperienced, the S340 is not airflow optimized, it could be used for an average config, but not an OC'd one like you plan to. 1080s run very hot. The only NZXT case that has good airflow is the H700. Also you don't need a 850W PSU. Go with the Seasonic Focus Plus Gold 550W.
  5. @KarathKasun How are your Deltas pulling 50W - 60W?? Wouldn't it be more along the lines of 20W - 30W ( from what I saw at newegg not sure which models you have), since current is at around 1.4 - 2 amps rated at 12V?
  6. Not how you measure fan wattage. Fans use 1-2W. I measured my server's wattage once, ran i3, 8GB ram 10x4TB drives 6x 3000RPM fans that took up 78W while idle total and 105W at full peak. Mind you these are industrial fans.
  7. PSU calculators are not accurate. Look, PSU calculators are trash and PCs don't require that much wattage, normal users, even work stations (depending on setup) barely go over 550W. Look at the tier list below and look between 400W to 550W for your psu. No need to go over that, especially not for your current builds.
  8. eh that's what I meant, confused something in there with something else. At 50% load it's efficient at converting power to the components yet that's why it's important to have the right psu wattage and not something overly estimated as when it's at 50 -100% load for example it's more efficient.
  9. That's why its important to use the psu that's right for your system as you reach certain loads it becomes more efficient. Corrected*
  10. A 1080 can draw up to 400W at peak...? ? ? How are you calculating those draws?? Why are you recommending him a 750W now. 550W is perfectly fine.
  11. A 550W power supply will do you better than a 650W. That psu ranks in tier 2 of the psu tier list. Never used a thermaltake psu so I can't comment, but I can comment on the use of RGBs on a psu.. is well ridiculous.
  12. The Seasonic gold 550W ($59.99) and 850W(94.99) USD?
  13. With giving advice, it's not like someone's word is law. I put my opinion in, and what I would do. 

    I think it's funny how you try going for the insult that oh, some kid likes cartoons let's go derail a thread and insult that awhile. 

    I go off of my education, I don't believe calling someone out on going with what they've learned from a book is too great... 

    If a bunch of pixels angers you that badly, sorry you must have other things bad in your life. 

    1. Skanky Sylveon

      Skanky Sylveon


      And be hopeful anime teaches you about power draw.

      The salt is strong.

      Hey, anime taught me proper cel shading techniques.


      Either way, I looked at the thread in question (it was rather easy to find) and the "best chosen answer" was perfectly adequate.

      You don't need an electrical engineering degree to choose a PSU.


      Either way, overpaying for a PSU is hardly something worth getting in a fuss over, especially if the user plans on upgrading in the future.

      Either way, @Gedgn, going into more detail is perfectly fine, as long as you're not an elitist dick about it.

      Although, to be frank, you didn't really add any useful information to the conversation.

  14. PSU calculators are inaccurate and I don't suggest them. What are your specs? Will you be overclocking?
  15. lol comptia.. most of it outdated crap they still want you to answer on tests. Back on topic, you listed 700W as a total which is uncommon among normal users even power users with only one gpu. Don't know how you're calculating 700W max draw (not including disk/ usb, board), but you do not need a 1000W psu. I don't know where you're getting "1000k+ watt power supplies normally have more than one over clocked gpu" from. Hard drives typically use 6W when reading/writing and 0.8 idle/sleep. Meaning you need 10 HDDs to use up 60 watts and be at load all at the same time.. I've had a 10x4TB drives, an i3, 8GB of RAM, an SSD, and 6 case fans and my server only consumes 78W at idle at the wall as measured with a kill-a-watt device, 105W at load. Not sure how you're reading is, but I said a rough overall look at power estimation. In any case you need to stop giving people bad advice. Nothing you have said made any sense.