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  1. hhmmm…. I don't plan to upgrade anytime soon, maybe a year from now so im leaning into get a 1080p display now instead
  2. Yup so I'm rethinking the 2k resolution now. What about getting the 2k monitor but setting it to 1080p so I can get more fps while still saving in the long run?
  3. are you assuming that graphic settings would be maxed? I'm more of an action rpg kinda fan. I play stuff like dark souls 3, the witcher 3, nioh, FF 15, AS origins and Monster Hunter world when it comes out in a couple weeks. I also play a lot of league of legends which was one of the reasons I want the high refresh rates. The resolution is for when I want to play some open world rpgs or MMOs. In the future I do plan to build a pc with a gtx 1080/Ti, maybe 2 if I can get it.
  4. @huilun02 can the 1060 not handle it ? 0.0 should have be looking more at 1080p monitors instead?
  5. Im looking for a monitor with at least: 2k resolution(2560 x 1440p) 144hz Gsync Thin bezels are highly preferable doesn't matter if its TN I don't plan to be looking at it from any angles. im planning to connect my Predator Helios 300 to this monitor when i'm at home: intel i7 7th gen gtx 1060 16gb of ram