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    Virginia, USA
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    Learning and information


  • CPU
    INTEL - Core i7-4771 Quad-Core
  • Motherboard
    ASUS - Maximus VI Extreme
  • RAM
    CORSAIR - Vengeance Pro 32GB (4x8GB)
  • GPU
    EVGA - Geforce GTX 780 Superclocked
  • Case
    SILVERSTONE - Fortress FT02
  • Storage
    OCZ - 128GB SSD / WD - 3TB Black
  • PSU
    CORSAIR - AX1200i
  • Display(s)
    ASUS - MX279
  • Cooling
    CORSAIR - H80i (w/ 2x NOCTUA NF-F12 PWM)
  • Keyboard
    LOGITECH - K350
  • Mouse
    LOGITECH - M510
  • Sound
    2.0 HP JBL - Pro

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  1. Well from the way you described your setup it seems all you can really do is decide where to place the H100i. Most every build i've seen they have placed it at the top (usually as pull). Hopefully this pic will help others help you
  2. Well if you're getting better results then that's good, but warm air raises and it seems kinda counter intuitive to have a top fan set as an intake. But if it works for ya great
  3. When you're waiting behind the counter at a repair shop and you hear the sound of a person yelling "FUCK" from the back room... P.S. don't ever waste money at best buy with those geek squad guys
  4. OMG that's horrible.... how could someone stoop to drinking all that crap beer?
  5. Cable management ~W~h~A~t~S~~G~o~I~n~G~~O~n~~H~e~R~e~ LOL i just had to re-post this haha
  6. i just want you to know that i now have to google raccoon videos for the next 10mins cuz of your avatar
  7. i installed opera after reading this and it seems to me like a chrome knockoff, it opens just as many processes in the task manager.
  8. that about sums it up, plus a girl i used to date uses mumble so now i associate it with her evilness...
  9. DON'T GET ANY OF THEM, spend the money on a vacation to Europe where you can get drunk on good beer and bang *legal prostitutes.
  10. this rig has been through the ringer, its been moved around from state to state etc, and i just have never cleaned it i wanna know too LOL...
  11. nice, i dont know too much about OC'ing etc, but don't some brands OC better than others? I agree mostly with that, like i don't think most of us are gonna tell the difference between stock 980MHz and 1000MHZ etc lol, but i didn't think about freebies, i'm more concerned with cooling or customer support etc. I have used an MSI card as well and it works great, i've read that Sapphire cards are really good too, and i almost bought the Gigabyte GTX 780 but after some last minute reading I decided to go with the EVGA GTX 780 SC w/ACX.
  12. Many of us agree with you, but i specifically stated this was just what people wanted to buy, or what they bought, and i asked people not to just blanket vote for all of them. It's not a big deal but please don't do that in the future, just state your position. There are many people who really are curious about what members here are buying and why. But I and many others agree with you, we have no brand loyalty and will either buy what has the best specs and performance or what meets our financial situation.
  13. this rig is like an old ford pick-up, it may not look pretty but it gets the job done..