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  1. are my i5 7600k temps to high?

    should I consider delidding?
  2. are my i5 7600k temps to high?

    I never saw that. AIDA64 says my cpu package is around 14W when idle and 75W when stress testing
  3. are my i5 7600k temps to high?

    I've manually set it like that in the bios. When putting it at stock speeds on 1.15V I only get 2-4 degrees lower. I also reinstalled my cooler as you can see at the beginning of this thread but that didnt seem to help either. MSI_SnapShot.bmp
  4. are my i5 7600k temps to high?

    to 5Ghz on 1.3V, my out of the box temps aren't that different from my overclock though
  5. are my i5 7600k temps to high?

    I am still seeing the same temperatures with HWINFO. The back of my pc is 20cm away from the wall and my ambient is 23C. Do you use the supplied CP7 thermal paste or a different one?
  6. are my i5 7600k temps to high?

    AIDA64, Corsair link and CAM
  7. are my i5 7600k temps to high?

    i have never seem my cpu run below 40 °C between 0-10% load though, still thanks for answering
  8. Hi, I am using a Cryorig quad lumi with their supplied CP7 thermal paste and have my idle temps between 43 and 48 celcius ,with sometimes spikes around 55. I was searching a bit and saw it shouldn't be that high at idle. I have reinstalled to cooler/thermal paste but it doesnt seem like i get any improvements. Should I get a different thermal paste? The cooler does seem to have a small 1 degrees hang, i dont know if this is normal and will impact the temps but i cant seem to get that away though. -I have my i5 7600k overclocked to 5ghz on 1.300 volt. -My load temps are between 79 and 85 celcius. -I am using 3 corsair ll120's as outtake and 2 corsair AF performance fans at the front. -I dont have a graphics card yet so currently that wont give additional heat. Does anyone if this is actually a decent temperature and if not how to get the temps lower? Thanks for responding