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  1. I don't care so much about personality as I care about the "profile" of a reviewer. What I want to know is how the reviewer thinks, and what they value in their experiences and products in order to find out if I relate to that. If someone says a phone's performance is poor, what use case does that encompass? Are they a heavy mobile gamer who wants to be playing PUBG at 90FPS on the go? Or are they an every-day user who checks the news, emails, and social media on their phone? Likewise, when I watch game reviews, I tend to find reviewers who play games in a similar manor to me; Completionist, hardcore types, who value gameplay over story, art, or quantity of the game world. Having a full profile of the reviewer I'm listening to, helps me contextualize all of their critiques and feedback on the product and that helps me make more informed decisions, better than anything else. I've been looking at buying a new phone recently and was checking out the Note10, and specifically sought out Linus' review because he was a Note9 user and I knew that his point of view would be the most relevant I could get. If I was looking for a macbook for some reason, I probably wouldn't be checking an LTT video. And that's totally okay. That's how it should be.
  2. Isn't every problem on a tech forum a first world problem? My apartment is just really heat inefficient, and the only heating I have is electric baseboard which tends to run the utility bill pretty damn high in the winter months. Just trying to find a more localized solution that I can use basically just at my desk without concern for heating the rest of my apartment.
  3. Yeah, that's what I got into looking at today. I guess the question becomes mounting and positioning well with my rig. I've got some desk space, but I'd love a solution that sits below my monitors and points at my mouse and keyboard. Maybe I should look into getting a flexible lamp of some sorts and installing an IR ceramic bulb or something so I can move it around.
  4. Yeah, can't fit my keyboard in there too though. Tried.
  5. I live in the great white north, and have a legitimate problem in keeping my hands warm during winter gaming sessions. I tend to be pretty stingy on the thermostat, and opt for sweaters and blankets, but I tend to end up inescapably having my hands exposed, and moving quickly to play esports games. The rapid heat loss from my finger tips legitimately impacts my performance and is just plain uncomfortable. Has anyone else experimented with ways to remedy this? I bought these USB powered heat-pad gloves from Amazon a while back, but they were cheap and uncomfortable, and one of the heat pads stopped working after a few months. I tried using these snap-heat packs but they only last for about 20-30 minutes, and require you to boil them on a stove to reset them, which is a pain to do. Not to mention you need to take your hands away from your game to use them. I've seen some players using these heatbuff things at events, but $200 is pretty steep for a product I haven't seen reviews on, and only saw in sponsored product placement. Anyone got thoughts or suggestions? Other Canadians starting to feel the chill as we head toward winter? I was joking with a friend of mine that I should extend my water loop through a pair of gloves so I can use my frigid ass hands to cool my CPU. If that's not an LTT video, I don't know what is.
  6. I went to a school and took a game design course, and I've been working in the games industry for 7 years now, first as QA, then as a designer, and now as a product manager. It strongly depends on what you want to do in the games industry. There are a few main "tracks" that most games careers take. Typically you'll fall into one of these categories: 1. Engineering 2. Design 3. Art 4. Production (Management) There can be crossovers between them. There are technical artists who do programming and work with complex editors to create particle systems. There are artistic designers who make beautiful, but usable UI designs. There are wiz-kids that do it all. If you want to be in engineering... actually writing code and building stuff from scratch, you should take a computer science course. No game development course I've ever seen has had a programming course sufficient to get you ready for game development. If you want to be in design... coming up with systems, rules and mechanics for games, game design programs can be good. They teach you how to analyze games, write coherent documentation, test your games, etc. They just don't do a lot for your technical skill, and breaking into design roles can be hard without those. If you want to be an artist... making characters, 3D models, worlds, concept art, etc. Do an art or animation course. Develop those artistic skills first, and learn the software as you do so you're up to date with evolving industry standards as you go. Production... I'm sure there are management courses, but almost every product / project manager I've ever met has come up through design, or QA. Most of them either joining the industry with limited skills, or with vague backgrounds in related digital fields like graphic design, programming, marketing, sales, etc.
  7. So far since updating my drivers 3-ish hours ago, ram usage has been low and stable. Doesn't seem to be climbing. Thanks to everyone for your input and @Mira Yurizaki especially for pointing me to the network drivers. For anyone finding this thread in the future, make sure you're updating your drivers by manually identifying your components and going to the manufacturer's site for drivers. I had tried updating my network drivers before in this process, but just went to the device manager and used the windows automated "search online for drivers." That shit don't work, and when it says you have the latest drivers, you probably don't.
  8. Yeah, VMWare is entirely inactive as far as I'm aware. I don't use it regularly, and haven't used it since I started seeing this issue. I mostly pop it up every couple months to try learning to use linux.
  9. That's good information. Thanks a lot. I've updated my network drivers, so we'll give it some time and see if my ram usage continues rising. Any way that you know of to "secure" VMWare to be entirely idle when I'm not running it aside from just straight up uninstalling? Are there certain settings I can tweak or set to keep it contained?
  10. Hmm, Firefox is showing a slow ramp up of resources, but still not to the full extent of taking my entire PC's resources. Is the current release of firefox known to have issues like this? Or maybe popular addons? I don't have too much customization on my firefox. Just ublock origin, a color-swapping addon for google docs, and tampermonkey running no active scripts.
  11. Hey friends, Been dealing with this for a few days now and it's driving me absolutely insane. As I've used it through the day for various tasks, my PC has slowly been using more and more resources, until the task manager claims I'm using nearly all of my ram, and everything grinds to a halt and becomes a laggy mess. Every time it does this though, I've checked the task manager and it's looked like the screenshots below. Nearly 100% usage, but when I add up all of the actual values of what each program uses, it's not even close to enough to cap out my 16gb of ram. I know Windows uses some that doesn't show up here, but the entirety of my task manager is typically 2-3gb, so it's obviously not just the load I'm organically putting on my machine. Some other notes: - I only recently upgraded to windows 10 from 7 after hearing that they were ceasing to provide security support. The issue seems to have arisen along with, or shortly after that update as I never experienced this once when it was a Win 7 machine. - Seems like when I took the above screenshots, the disk usage on my K drive was extraordinarily high as well. I'm not entirely sure why that may have been the case, maybe relevant? K drive is a 4TB HDD that I use for storing games, movies and files. C drive is an SSD that contains windows and every day programs. - This resource climb tends to happen slowly and take 3-4 hours of usage between browsing and gaming before it completely tanks my performance. Things I've tried: - Ran full malwarebytes scan thinking this might have been malware, quarantined a few minor things, but didn't change this issue. - Ran full windows defender scan, same results as above. - Updating drivers on all major hardware components of my PC in case the leak was in an outdated driver. - Generally ending process on certain apps to see if any one in particular caused my ram usage to go back down. None did. Only way I've been able to return to normal system usage is by restarting my PC entirely. System Specs: - Intel i7 4790k - GTX 970 - 16gb DDR3 Gskill Ripjaws 1333 Thanks in advance for anyone that tries to help!
  12. I can't recall where I saw this, but I think it was a GDC talk a while back, and a Ubisoft designer was talking about some of their general philosophies for creating worlds that they developed in certain series, then ported over to others. One of the significant notes, was having the world interact with itself by creating classes of NPC's and allowing them to interact freely based on their classes. So in Far Cry, you can randomly stumble upon two rival factions of NPCs fighting while a Tiger runs between the two eating people's faces. It makes the world feel more alive and immersive since it appears that the world exists outside of your field of view. The designer in the talk went on to describe how they ported that philosophy to all of the ubisoft games to help deepen the worlds in AC, Watch Dogs, etc. I wouldn't be surprised if there was a grand list of features that they try to shoehorn into every game because players like them, which makes all of the games feel samey due to re-use of code, design, etc.
  13. Are there any plans for specific tournaments / esports for any particular games? I've got a couple local Dota teams that would love to bring a team out and compete. Or is it just a strictly "open play", do as you please type of event?
  14. Would love to see an episode optimizing a traveling PC gaming setup for multiplayer games. Rate the best laptops, controllers, and peripherals that can all fit in a backpack on their portability (weight, battery life, size, need for cables, etc.) I've got a dream of bringing my laptop to a friends place and just whipping out a few controllers to play Overcooked, or Starwhal, or emulated Mario Kart or something (kinda like those dweebs on the rooftop party in the Nintendo Switch commercial), but most setups I've been able to mess with so far are either too bulky for travel, require a lot of cables/dongles, or have annoying setup times and controller pairing processes. I'm sure there's an optimal collection of peripherals and software solutions (like pairing bluetooth controllers to the bluetooth chip on my laptop), but it's been a slog for me to figure it out, and I'm sure the resources of the LTT team to try a number of setups is probably far superior to my home testing.
  15. Hey friends! I've been investigating this issue a bit lately, but have yet to find an ideal solution. I recently purchased a highly capable gaming laptop, and am finding myself in a lot of scenarios now where I'm traveling, or even just going to a friends house and want to whip out some controllers and play games. There seems to be a swell in awesome couch-multiplayer games on PC nowadays between Overcooked, Ultimate Chicken Horse, Rocket League, Lethal League, Starwhal, etc. but I have a hard time finding a controller setup that travels well with me. I have a couple steam controllers for home, and I love them, especially since they enabled the bluetooth firmware update, so I can connect to my laptop without a dongle, however they are kinda bulky and the unique layout of the controllers doesn't honestly make "pick up and play" easy for people who are unfamiliar with it. Does anyone have good recommendations for lightweight, somewhat standardized controllers that I could realistically carry 2-4 of with me in my backpack? The ideal scenario is that I could pack a bag with my laptop, charger, and controllers, and be able to just hand out controllers and go. I've seen some things like this that might suit my needs, but it's hard to tell how big they actually are, and how reliable they might be? Bonus points for party game recommendations.