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    I make lists sumtime
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  1. also i am running the latest version of chrome os
  2. My chromebook is a lenovo 100e and I dont know whats wrong with it. Whenever I close it its supposed to just sleep but when i open it again, the only way I can power it up is by restarting the whole thing. What can i do to fix this?
  3. I am doing a research paper for school (Again) and I was wondering what the best graphics cards in these categories are: 1: Best price/performance 2: Best Mid range 3: Best Overall thanks in advance!
  4. probably fastest/can handle the most workload
  5. I was wondering what the Most powerful CPU would be. not worried about price at all due to it being for a research paper.
  6. I was just wondering, when I'm building a computer, in what order should i look for the parts in?
  7. SO im trying to get Snapchat to work on my computer. I have already tried bluestacks and it got to the point of opening snapchat but the sc closed. is there any way to fix blue stacks. or is there a more reliable thing you would go with.
  8. well would you know where to get a VM cause thats what Im struggling with
  9. well I want a VM for virus testing and stuff like that
  10. Are there any good free VMs that you guys would recommend. If there's not a good free one could you include a good paid one with the price?
  11. yeah, gaming and some r6, battlefield, games like that. also might host a small Minecraft server. (15 people max)