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  1. Hey, My wife's in need of a new touch type keyboard/one with lower profile keys. Doesn't like my corsair K90. Not sure what brands are decent and whats actually worth the price. Needed for typing and to withstand a little minecraft Thanks in advance
  2. Strange question, will a A320M-sh2 motherboard with 3000 series bios work with a 2000 series chip (ryzen 5 2600)
  3. Just tried it and no joy, no signal from the motherboard or gpu to the display
  4. So i cleaned out the computer, reapplied thermal paste to the cpu and it now wont boot with a gpu installed (tested with another known good gpu) i assume that its the motherboard is there any hope of fixing it or am i going to have to wait till all this covid situation is over. (Pricing isn't great right now)