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  1. ah I was following this tutorial that went over most of the things in there https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rjPXWEgxoxo&t=335s . I will look into more of that using the resources you mentioned
  2. EDIT: the overclock did nothing, cpu-z shows 4.6GHZ during cinebench r20 run instead of 5.1ghz, it even goes down to 4.4 and 4.5 ghz at times
  3. Asus z390-p Also, I forgot to mention that cpu-z shows the voltage as high a 1.5v, i have adaptive voltage on so that might be why.
  4. Before overclock it would sit at around 60c on 100% load all cores, however 1 or 2 cores would spike to 90c for a bit (on cinebench r20) Going to benchmark overclocked now
  5. I have overclocked my CPU to all core 5.1 GHZ with 1.320V. Idle temps when the CPU is idling at around 0-10% is at 45c to 50c. I am using a cooler master AIO water cooler.
  6. Budget (including currency): £1500 Country: United Kingdom Games, programs or workloads that it will be used for: Viewing 8k 24-30fps footage Other details (existing parts lists, whether any peripherals are needed, what you're upgrading from, when you're going to buy, what resolution and refresh rate you want to play at, etc): We are converting one of our old storage rooms into a cinema and I want to know what type of PC we need to play this back. I think an intel i5 7th gen and a high end GPU is good, but not sure though.
  7. Where is the download for this, all i have is the FaH installer, i tired looking around for a downloads page on their official website but could not find it
  8. I saw some posts on reddit and stuff saying this, but i dont know how you acsess advanced settings? It is not on https://client.foldingathome.org/
  9. How do i make it so folding @ home uses only my CPU?
  10. Ok, i think the issue is the one in my.old post so i am going to reinstall the system into the case
  11. Is this contact pin which plugs into the PCIE slot broken? I get the 3 beeps and no video output. RYX 2080 super 20200801_201005.heic
  12. Have you got a link to a video or picture guide on how to remove & replace the standoffs, never done this before I got it from cyberpowersystem, I think i have a 1 year warrenty. Should i just fix it myself or use the warranty with them?
  13. Is it worth doing this or is it safe to wait until I purchase a new case & a new PSU(current one is a Inwin 650W which some people have said is not good) since if i opt to fix it now I will have to do it again in around a month
  14. Thank you for this! However the Case is the bit that is bent, the IO shield is fine. The case screw pins is pointing outwards to the rear and down to the motherboard. Actually, one of the SS ports is misaligned(and also some of the ports and correct matched up) and i need to pull it backwards to plug stuff into it. So i think you solved it here! Thank you for this. I am not sure what i have to do fix this though since i did not build the PC myself
  15. There is no PCIE slot above the one that card is currently plugged in. Did the people who built my PC mess up?
  16. Oh yeah, I am going to remove that one. Where is it supposed to be screwed into place? There is no support to screw it in towards the front of the case
  17. I dont see it ? which part of it off center?. I think the case is damaged since it was pre built and i only removed the GPU to clean off some dust
  18. is there something where it supposed to screw in on the side next to the front of the case?
  19. It was pre built so no idea, the only other pcie covers to remove are below the GPU one so it would not do anything
  20. This is the picture of where it is screwed in 20200801_163124.heic
  21. Oh no, it is screwed into the place where the I/O shield is, the issue is that it wont plug in fully