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  1. do you guys know which router manufactures have the best track record of patching security flaws the fastest or issuing security updates periodically???
  2. AMD's renewed popularity thanks to Ryzen CPUs is well deserved offering both excellent performance and value for PC gamers and enthusiasts. Now the company might take a shot at doing the same on the smartphone market. The new chip is rumored to be built by TSMC on a 5nm process node and feature 5G connectivity using an integrated Mediatek 5G UltraSave Modem with support for dual SIM. As always, take this rumor story with the customary grain of salt, but if the leak is real, this could bring in a new stream of revenue for AMD. Specifically, the company could be preparing an SoC named "Ryzen C7" that features two Gaugin Pro cores based on ARM's recently announced Cortex X1 cores running at 3GHz paired with two cores based on the Cortex A78 running at 2.6 GHz, and four low-power cores based on the Cortex A55 running at 2 GHz. Perhaps more interesting is that the chip seems to pack the elusive RDNA-based smartphone graphics solution that AMD and Samsung partnered for in 2019. This solution has been shown to be significantly faster than the Adreno 650 found in top smartphones like the Samsung Galaxy S20. That, coupled with support for LPDDR5 RAM and 2K displays at 144Hz would make the Ryzen C7 a beast. Qualcomm, Samsung, Mediatek, and Huawei's HiSilicon are among the largest chip makers for smartphones, tablets, and wearables. There are also smaller companies like Rockchip who have been trying to compete, and now it looks like AMD is getting ready to test these waters as well. My Thoughts - More competition is better for consumers. Better Performance, Better Value.
  3. "The new Wi-Fi 6E standard has opened up 1,200 MHz of spectrum real estate for Wi-Fi devices which will offer more channels and increased transfer speeds. Qualcomm hopes its latest chips will quickly permeate a wide range of smartphones and wireless routers, which will solve some of the biggest frustrations related to Wi-Fi speed, latency, and reliability." Qualcomm announced the FastConnect 6900 and 6700 Mobile Connectivity Systems today, promising that they're built from the ground up for a modern experience. The company is promising things like low-latency Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, and wired-class voice and music over a wireless connection. All of this is brought to you by Wi-Fi 6E and Bluetooth 5.2. Wi-Fi 6E can use the new 6GHz band, delivering speeds of up to 3.6Gbps with the FastConnect 6900 (3Gbps on the 6700). And with an additional 1,200MHz of spectrum for the 6GHz band, it triples the Wi-Fi spectrum. Bluetooth 5.2 promises better audio features for quality, reliability, and responsiveness. With the Wi-Fi 6E-enabled chipset, devices will be able to use the 6GHz frequency when other frequencies are being used by other devices. That means lower latency, higher speeds, and more that will improve things like cloud gaming, VR video streaming, etc. Combined with Bluetooth 5.2, you'll get lower latency on peripherals, the kind of latency that usually requires a wired connection. Qualcomm says it's using things like 4-Stream Dual Band Simultaneous to harness multiple antennas and bands, dual-band 160MHz support and its 4K QAM modulation all for a best-in-class experience. And of course, when you're not on Wi-Fi, you'll be able to have low latency and fast connectivity speeds with 5G, another area where Qualcomm is leading the pack. The new FastConnect solutions will show up in Qualcomm chipsets next year, likely with the higher-end 6900 in the Snapdragon 875, or whatever it ends up being called. These chips are available for manufacturer sampling and will most likely go into high-end smartphones to be released in the second half of this year and in early 2021. Qualcomm also announced four new chips for routers under the Networking Pro brand that will support anywhere from six to sixteen concurrent Wi-Fi streams and maximum theoretical speeds ranging from 5.4 Gbps to 10.8 Gbps. There's a probability Android phone manufacturers will wait until Wi-Fi 6E capabilities are baked into Qualcomm's Snapdragon SoCs before jumping into the fold, while Qualcomm is hoping companies will adopt the newer FastConnect chips sooner to differentiate their products, which would lead to a faster adoption of the new standard. Sources - https://www.techspot.com/news/85418-qualcomm-first-wi-fi-6e-chips-aimed-phones.html https://www.qualcomm.com/products/fastconnect-6900 https://www.neowin.net/news/qualcomm-announces-fastconnect-6700-and-6900-with-wi-fi-6e-and-bluetooth-52
  4. depending on how much storage you need, there is 250GB SSD - $70 500GB - $95 Samsung 500GB 860 EVO SATA III 2.5" Internal SSD you can go up to 4TB https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/1382498-REG/samsung_mz_76e500b_am_860_evo_500gb_internal.html
  5. "The US has just voted to allow the FBI and other security agencies to access American citizens’ web histories without requiring a warrant. Senators Ron Wyden (D-OR) and Steve Daines (R-MT) were trying to install privacy protections into the Patriot Act, but the amendment failed to pass by a single vote." "The Patriot act (Providing Appropriate Tools Required to Intercept and Obstruct Terrorism act) is a controversial piece of legislation that was made into law following the September 11 attacks. It gives law enforcement extra powers of surveillance, including record and private property searchers without notifying the individuals. As reported by The Register, an addition to the Patriot Act, which is due to be renewed this week, would allow agencies to collect people’s browsing histories without requiring a warrant. Wyden and Daines led the charge in trying to prevent the Patriot act changes by installing a warrant requirement, but the bipartisan amendment fell short of the 60-vote threshold by one vote, with many of those who were likely to vote in favor, including former presidential candidate Bernie Sanders, absent." “Is it right at this unique time when millions of law-abiding citizens are at home, for the government to be able to spy on their internet searches and web browsing without a warrant?” said Wyden. “Should law-abiding Americans have to worry about their government looking over their shoulders from the moment they wake up in the morning and turn on their computers to when they go to bed at night? I believe the answer is no. But that’s exactly what the government has the power to do without our amendment.” The addition to the Patriot act was drafted by Senate leader Mitch McConnell. Not only does it allow the collection of search and browsing data in section 215 of the law without probable cause, but that data is also likely to be stored and made available to multiple US agencies. With Covid-19 causing millions of Americans to use the internet more than ever, the vote has come as a blow to privacy advocates. “The Patriot Act should be repealed in its entirety, set on fire and buried in the ground,” Evan Greer, the deputy director of Fight For The Future, told Motherboard. “It’s one of the worst laws passed in the last century, and there is zero evidence that the mass surveillance programs it enables have ever saved a single human life.” My Take - How convenient is it, they had the vote when half the country is shut down, and the senators who would vote in favor were absent. that's wrong and absurd. Source - https://www.techspot.com/news/85226-senate-vote-allows-fbi-access-browsing-history-without.html#commentsOffset
  6. In these uncertain times, one thing we can still rely on is Microsoft releasing Windows updates that cause massive problems for some users. A recent ‘fix’ pushed out by the company could be one of the worst yet, resulting in Blue Screen of Death errors and deleting or moving files. Microsoft released Windows 10 KB4549951 on April 14 to introduce several security fixes, but, as so often is the case, a number of users found it introduced more problems than it corrects. As per usual, plenty of people found they couldn’t install the update at all, and some who did kept running into Blue Screen of Death errors. As noted by Windows Latest, the most common of these are: PAGE_FAULT_IN_NONPAGED_AREA CRITICAL_PROCESS_DIED ACPI_BIOS_ERROR INACCESSIBLE BOOT DEVICE MEMORY_MANAGEMENT DPC_WATCHDOG_VIOLATION Portcls.sys Many of the Blue Screens of Death are appearing intermittently, requiring a PC reboot, but other users are experiencing a loop of BSOD errors, meaning their computer crashes isntanty on every startup. In addition to these major issues, users have reported files being deleted or moved to other folders following the update. “This update is a disaster. It deleted my files, pictures, documents saved in system drive and as well as my apps which I downloaded from Windows Store,” wrote one user. “My system automatically updated on the 19th of April. I lost some important word files of my university. And a folder. I have looked on the temporary folders and I have tried to uninstall the update but they do not appear,” said another angry Windows 10 user. Not everyone is experiencing problems with the update, but those who do are advised to uninstall it. Microsoft hasn’t commented on the reports, but it wouldn’t be the first time the company releases an update to fix the problems a previous update caused. MY THOUGHTS Microsoft needs to get themselves together already, they manage to keep making things worst, i might go back to Windows 7. Since Microsoft fired the Windows testing team in 2015, that windows updates have become a disaster. Delaying windows updates now is one of the most important settings to make sure that your PC keeps running. Source ; https://www.techspot.com/news/84953-windows-10-update-deleting-files-causing-blue-screen.html
  7. Hey guys, i've been looking for a software or a method to download Netflix, Hulu, & other DRM protected content directly onto your PC. Any ideas appreciated. Thanks
  8. Over 130 GB/s peak theoretical performance in a dual-channel configuration SK Hynix is preparing to start mass-production of DDR5 this year. They anticipate it taking 22% of the memory market in 2021 and 43% by 2022, so it won’t be long until all our gaming rigs need an update. AMD’s Zen 3 and Intel’s Sapphire Rapids architectures could both potentially have DDR5 support when they're launched in the coming year. Beyond speed, there’s a whole stack of other technologies. A fourfold increase in density will make high capacity sticks cheaper, and new volumes of memory possible. Lowered operating voltage and peak-to-peak voltage (VPP) will boost power efficiency. On-die ECC (error correction code) and ECS (error check and scrub) make for much-improved error correction and reliability. Decision feedback equalization circuitry reduces the noise of the electronics which improves the per-pin speeds. DDR5 DDR4 Frequency* 3200 → 8400 1600 → 3200 Density 2 Gb → 16 Gb 8 Gb → 64 Gb Operating Voltage 1.1 V 1.2 V Peak-to-Peak Voltage 1.8 V 2.5 V Burst Length 16 8 Bank Groups 8 4 Banks (Total) 32 16 Prefetch Length 16n 8n My Thoughts : Since DDR4 has been released 6 years, i think its time for next Gen Memory that will move the needle forward. Source : https://www.techspot.com/news/84700-sk-hynix-getting-ready-make-ddr5-8400-memory.html
  9. "A wild 64-core Ryzen Threadripper 3rd Generation processor leak appears" AMD Is Working On A Monster 64-Core Threadripper, Landing As Early As Q4 2019 Did you think AMD was done with Threadripper? Well, if that’s what you thought, I have some good news. I have confirmation that the company is preparing an absolutely monstrous 64-core/128-thread Threadripper part for launch in Q4 2019. AMD’s largest HEDT processor right now is the W2990X which tops out at 32-cores. This is nothing to sneeze at and is already the highest core HEDT part around but because the world can’t get enough of these yummy cores, AMD is planning to launch a 64-core version in Q4 2019. AMD working on ultra-HEDT X599 platform: Threadripper CPUs with up to 64-cores The platform is called X599 right now although I am told AMD is considering changing the name to avoid confusion with Intel. This is not really surprising since both Intel and AMD HEDT platforms have the same nomenclature and it can get really confusing. I am also told that they they plan to retain the “99” suffix. AMD is planning to launch the 64-core Threadripper part and the corresponding platform in Q4 2019. In fact, that is when you can expect these motherboards to start popping up from various AIBs. This is pretty exciting news, because knowing AMD, the 64-core Threadripper CPU will probably be priced in the $2500 to $3000 range, making it one of the most affordable workstation processors around with this many threads. Considering Intel’s 18-core retails for around $1800, this is going to be an absolute steal for the retail professional. This processor is also going to be great for homegrown server setups and computing clusters – the applications are practically endless." MY THOUGHTS: IF these leaks were to be believed, this thing will need some serious cooling solutions. AMD is placing themselves in a good position for workstation and server CPU's, if the performance is high and power use is low, they will take some of intel's market share. their products are becoming more appealing given the price point. sources : https://wccftech.com/exclusive-amd-is-working-on-a-monster-64-core-threadripper-landing-as-early-as-q4-2019/ https://www.techradar.com/news/a-wild-64-core-ryzen-threadripper-3rd-generation-processor-leak-appears
  10. OH Apple, Apple, Apple ..... i gave up on their products to due to implementing less features for more money.
  11. just interested to know what some of you tech minded people are interest to learn more about... it could be a current technology or future tech. thanks
  12. All Products, (including apple's iPhone's and MacBooks) have a backdoor for law enforcement I just updated my iPhone, after the update.. it became very very hot.. like uncomfortably hot.. I had to turn it off
  13. How to Format/Erase a seagate external hard drive beyond recovery on MacOS??? is there anyone ways I could wipeout a seagate external hard drive beyond recovery? also.. I have a OnePlus 5t that I would like to wipeout beyond recovery of any of the files on the phone. Thank You