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  1. how to get mongo db 2.6 on raspbian buster. i can only install mongo db 2.4 and not 2.6 pymongo dosent workk with mongodb 2.4 please help
  2. an00p

    Port Forwarding

    I will try using a dns . Thank you
  3. an00p

    Port Forwarding

    it change almost every 24 hours
  4. an00p

    Port Forwarding

    Yes I thing this is due to NATing but my public IP keeps changing. should I use a dns as a workaround?
  5. an00p

    Port Forwarding

    I have realized that my wan IP is different from my public IP . Is this the reason why port forwarding never works for me? Is there a way to solve this? When I got in touch with my ISP they said that they do not block any ports.