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  1. what is bodering me is the clone worked fine in the first time from the HDD to the SSD, now is not working from this SSD (kingston) to the new SSD (corsair)... is there any opition, because i don't what to reinstall everything... Thanks for the help
  2. Browser, version and OS: windows 10 home, predator helios 300 g3-572 75L9 Steps to reproduce/what were you doing before it happened? i currently have an Ssd sata kingston SA400M8120G which i tried to clone the OS to the corsair force mp510 240gb m.2 ssd the proces went normal with any error, i used MACRION REFLECT to clone. What happened? when i changed the ssds the corsair wont boot it was in a loop on the predator screen, it tried to repair but no suscess, i tried to clone again and same with i try 3 times with not difference. Any other relevant details: i used the USB3.1 TYPE C SSD HARD DISK BOX to the clone operation. Thanks for the help in advance Sorry for my bad english
  3. sad to hear that... thanks for the help!
  4. I am facing a problem. My girlfriend had a huawei p10 lite, which she save some importants notes using a app called "notepad" The problem is she drop it in the water (lake) well she bought a new phone already, it's a Huawei p smart 2019. The notes was saved on the SDcard, but the new phone app (also "notepad") is not recognising the files. It's possible to restore it? the old phone is not functional, at least for now so any ideas? Thanks you all in advance (sorry for my english... I'm from Brazil) Untitled.txt
  5. well out of the obvious, i have the system working and everything what i need its a good website to download the games! specialy de playstation 1 any suggestions?
  6. see that is the trouble i'm deal with, there is not much info about it, and i don't want to opem to check, because i'm not with enough time for it, so when i do i want the job done hehehehe
  7. First let me tell the obvious, as we know predator helios 300 has some options, mine one is: nvidia gtx 1060 6 gb ram 16 gb ddr4 hdd 1 tb core i7 7th generation. Its as pretty nice pc, it good for gaming ( i'm not a heavy gamer ), and for my work ( wich is video editor, and as well not so heavy use). so far this is suplying me very well. BUT!!! I want to upgrade the hardware a bit. like an SSD, one more ram card ( wich it can suport until 32gb total) and change the ssd nvme. BUT!! ( again) before I take it apart to check, ( and since i couldn't find much sustantable information about it ) i want to know: can i put an SSD with the HHD? can it suport the samsung 960 pro nvme? and what is the best ram ddr4 i can buy? thanks in advance!! ( sorry for my english, it's quite rusty)