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  1. 16gb RAM? I think a 16 or 20 series GPU is out of my range for now
  2. yeah, poor research on my part for that specifically..... was only looking at relatively fancy ones....
  3. I've been gaming on my PC for about a year. I want to start streaming but don't have a powerful enough CPU to do it. It was a semi budget PC at the time. I still want to save as much money as possible. In order to game and stream on the same PC, should I get an 8700 or an 8700k? If the 8700 is enough, then that's that. The issue is that my current motherboard can't overclock the 8700k because it's not the proper type for that. So if I wanted the 8700k, i would also need a whole new motherboard (and proper CPU cooler) as well. 8700 = $300+(100~150 for CPU cooler) = ~$450 for upgrades 8700k = $370 + $150 (CPU cooler) + $150(motherboard?) = $670 for upgrades I don't play any super demanding games: destiny 2, fifa, fortnite, minecraft, random steam games etc. Current: i3-8100 (stock cooler) 1050ti 8gb ram gigabyte b360 hd3
  4. I have the corsair lighting node RGB light strips I'm trying to use. When the corsair hub is connected to the motherboard USB header and SATA cable, the PC doesn't turn on at all. Whenever I disconnect the USB header, but keep the SATA cable connected, the PC turns on and the light strips turn on. Is the USB header on my motherboard not working? Or is this an issue within the Corsair hub? EDIT: the corsair hub doesn't show up in the BIOS when I look at the SATA and RST configuration page, it only shows my HDD and SSD as being connected, even though the corsair hub is connected via SATA.
  5. The only thing I can think of is a faulty USB header in the MB or a faulty Corsair hub... i've checked all the connections at least 100 times now, everything is correct.
  6. MB: Gigabyte B360 HD3 Power Supply: EVGA 500W 80+ Certified / modular(?) comes with all cables preattached to the supply I figured it was some short of short-circuit but i've no idea how to fix it
  7. I bought the Corsair lightning node pro RGB light strips today, and my PC turns on when the hub isn't plugged into the motherboard USB 9-pin slot / sata cables, but whenever i plug them in my PC doesn't turn on at all, no response at all when i press the power button. I'm struggling to find where the issue lies. I'm new to PC's so this may or may not be a basic problem. Appreciate any help offered.
  8. Hi all, I recently built my first PC and don't fully understand troubleshooting yet. I built my PC a week ago, everything runs fine, temps are good etc. However, the past few days my ASUS 1050ti GPU has been making a mid-low pitch whistling noise whenever its fan speeds get to higher than 45%. I manually boosted the fan speed in order to make sure that it was for sure my GPU and it was, as I upped the fan speed the whistling noise occurred. Not sure what to do, how to fix it or anything like that. Any help would be appreciated.