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  1. ChaseDown

    Radeon 7

    While your not wrong about the Ray tracing and dlss. I would say its almost a irrelevant point because very few games right now use it, I know there are many that"eventually" will, but at the moment a 2080 is just an expensive 1080 ti so a card that can perform like it or slightly better( minus ray tracing and dlss) at a similar price is fine. I just think a vega 56 for USD 330 bucks or a vega 64 for usd 399 is still a better buy!
  2. ChaseDown

    Any vega 64 updatwe?

    I saw that and it was awesome! but I'm talking something more tame just using basic software, not doing registry workarounds. I mean a 2070 is just a fancy 1080, so a vega 64 oc from before the driver unlocks should be close ( not counting dlss or rtx cores). Really looking if the new unlocked stuff in wattman help get better ocs or uvs or if should just stick too the tried n true +50% power limit, undervolt p6 and p7, oc p6 and p7, oc hbm. Or is there a benefit to messing with the different p states?
  3. ChaseDown

    Any vega 64 updatwe?

    Wondering if there have been any improvements in OC or UV since AMD released those drivers that completely unlocked all the p states and voltage etc... Other than the driver release day articles I haven't read or seen any videos where the new unlocked things helped in oc or uv? Anyone with first hand experience or who actually saw an article about it?
  4. ChaseDown

    Raid or single ssd?

  5. ChaseDown

    Raid or single ssd?

    Can I set up a steam library for multiple drives?
  6. ChaseDown

    Extra cooling?

    Ty! Yeah I was thinking of watercooling but it's so expensive it might be an over time upgrade. Didn't think a blower style would benefit a lot but just having the fans will at least keep it a positive pressure case lol.
  7. ChaseDown

    Extra cooling?

    Looking at the Silverstone ld01 case(inverted) and wondering if having 2 140 mm fans aimed at the bottom(would be top in this case) of a reference card(vega 64 in this scenario) would help with cooling at all?
  8. ChaseDown

    Raid or single ssd?

    I really wasn't concerned with speed lol. Just wether it would be worth the savings and not using yet another monitoring program for the ssd. I was gonna get the adata nvme 8200 and a 2 tb 860. But 2 1tb adata Ssds would be like 45 bucks cheaper. And could use adatas ssd tools for everything.
  9. ChaseDown

    Raid or single ssd?

    hi I'm,builing my new pc and I have a silly ssd question and concern. I want a small nvme and large ssd for games. But also want to be budget conscience, and am concerned with having multiple programs for the varying ssds( we has one, Samsung, adata, micron etc) so I was trying to have all the same company to have just one program( for system overhead). So here's my question is it better to save 40 bucks and get 2 x 1tb drives in raid to have all the same company( as my single nvme too) or is it better to have a 2tb drive using yet another program to monitor and costing bit more? The raid or single drive will be for steam and other storage(documents, photos, video) only. My nvme will be my boot and most other apps with few games.
  10. ChaseDown

    Vega 56/64. EK A240R questions.

    Wow thats great! I was worried 240mm wouldn't be enough! I'm really not,planning on manual oc of the cpu. But did want to max out any vega I can! If a 240 will,be able to cool both the cpu and gpu I need to rethink my build cause I purchased a case to hold 2 360mm just in case( pc-o11) but if 240mm will do it I might return it and get something smaller( I want my computer on top of my desk).
  11. So I'm working on buying parts for my new build and decided I want to go amd both cpu and GPU (2700x and vega). I'm considering the cooling solutions atm and have some questions. I was originally going to get a D15 for the cpu. But I heard( other forms and reviews) in order to get the best xfr/precision boost a all or water cooling is recommended. Is this accurate, if so is it a noticable difference in use? Or reall just for benchmark maxing? Then I have seen from many many reviews vega is hot! so I was looking at the Alphacool Eiswolf 240 for vega but that seems expensive(160ish). Then I saw the EK A240R, and thought that might be good one loop gpu and cpu and less expensive than an aio and the Eiswolf combined! My question here is 2 parts 1. Is 240mm rad enough to cool both parts without going below stock performance and or maxing auto boosting( planned on a slight undervold for,both the 2700x and the vega). 2. I know vega 56 can be oced to stock vega 64 lvls, is it worth it to buy the 64? Will any oc of 64 be noticeable ( honestly havent seen many reviews where the oc was more than a couple fps, unlike the 56). Thanks!
  12. Ty. One reason I was hesitant is the the taichi qvl list is the shortest of all the ones I've looked at and as I could see none of the kits I found are on it or the asus for that matter. And the ones that are on it are about 100 bucks or more expensive for the 32gb kits. The real questions for the ram are where is the best frequency vs timing at. I assume 3200 at cl15 will be roughly equal to 3000 at cl14 for example. But I see on threads all over saying faster memory is better for ryzen and better timings is good but the reviews always have stupid expensive ram kits and never really talk about the more affordable stuff and where the benefits drop(if they do). Sorry for long reply, do you know of a review or post that talks about these issues? Ty for the response I was leaning towards the taichi because of the block and the overkill stuff for overclocking.
  13. So I've been planning a new build for a while and all i have so far is the psu, case, and 6 fans. The reason I haven't finished it yet is I'm having problems picking the parts. I mean I know I want a r7 2700x but I can't decide on the motherboard. I was going to go with the asus prime x470 but learned it doesn't support block adjustments just multiplier. So now I'm looking at the asrock x470 taichi but it's an extra 50 bucks.(these are local microcenter pricing and promotions for mobo). The reason I was looking at a block adjust ments is I want to use xfr2 and get good single core as well as all core boosts. I'm planning on getting the alphacool eisbaer 360lt aio. Then I was going to go with 16gb x 2 3000mhz cl16 team group ram for $240(which I read a review for that it can oc to 3333 with same timings or lower to cl14 at same,clocks). But saw 3200mhz cl6 g skills trident z kit for $250. Then I saw a 3200mhz cl14 8gb x 2 kit for $200or a 3600mhz cl15 8gb x 2 for $220. So,I,don't,know if I should get 16gb or 32gb and what speed vs latency is best. Every kit specific ram review I see is done on an intel test bench so I have no clue which,kits will even,hit advertised speeds. Pls help Hopefully some people have first hand info or links to articles or at least read some I haven't found.
  14. So I'm working on a new build piece by piece. I have got a Sapphire Vega 56 Pulse on the way. And a Alphacool Eisbaer 240mm aio. Now the alphacool aio is expandable and I can hook it up to the Eiswolfe aio for gpu which has a pump too! The problem is the vega card I ordered isn't compatible with any of the Eiswolfe. They have a gpu block for it and I can get the quick disconnect tubes a radiator and the block for around the same price but it wont have the 2nd pump. My concern is whether the Eisbaer aio pump ( dc-lt 2600) will be able to pump for the 2x240mm rads plus the gpu block, and still be quiet and have a normal lifespan. The reason I wanted the Alphacool stuff in general is its expandability and that everything in it is available individually so I can eventually turn this,into a custom loop with clear tubing etc... Without just throwing money away ( reusing the all as parts of the aios in the loop). Thanks for any help!
  15. ChaseDown

    Ultrawide gaming/multitasking?

    I was wondering if I get an ultrawide monitor can i play games windowed at 100+hz with freesync or g sync while watching YouTube or having another program open side by side with the game? Basically, I know a selling point of ultrawides is multiple windows for multitasking, and want to know,if,ill still get the high refresh and or varuable syncing benefits if I'm playing in windowed mode side by side?