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  1. Because it costs 500€ and doesnt even run youtube?
  2. This laptop is slow I know, but now slow as it is now. I know that. I know that it should be faster
  3. I dont care stop spamming that useless sht in here, I dont care I already bought it stop bragging I am not looking for laptop I am looking how I can fix this
  4. Do you think I got this for gaming? No, I only got this for watching videos etc. This laptop costs 500€ as new
  5. How can I do that? I only know how to do factory restore
  6. +I updated my processor from device manager and it says its up to date.
  7. I just bought this Acer Aspire ES15 just for surfing in web. It was used for 2 years, but not in huge use. The previous owner did factory reset on this laptop. The first time I turned this on I was unable to even use this, but after installing all the windows 10 updates from 2016, it was better but still stuttering. Is there something else I could update? I went to device manager and there was 2 "amd e-7010 apu with amd radeon r2 graphics". Should I update those? And why I cant find my amd radeon settings from this pc? thanks
  8. I checked eyzen master, it said 3.65ghz in all cores, so i guess its fine. And when I got my pc somethikg was wrong because my cpu was clocked to 1.70ghz and updating bios fixed that. But now its running 3.65ghz so all right I guess?
  9. I cleaned my pc and it found 29 threats and deleted them. It didnt work out, how can I check what program uses my pc perfomance?
  10. Okay bro Ill try it I will tell you if it works
  11. i got corsair rm850x and 500gb ssd
  12. First of all, specs Rx580 8GB Ryzen5 2600 2x4gb 3200-mhz ram My csgo runs around 100fps 16:9 full hd lowest settings. I changed it to 4:3 1280x1024 and it runs around 130-150 I have watched videos and streams, and those players got something like 1060 6gb and 250+ fps. I have reinstalled the game, I dont have anything like vsync or fps limit on. My problem with cs sounds maybe hard to solve because there might be ton of things to check, but I think this might maybe help solving this problem:: Yesterday, and 2-3 months ago I had insane fps boost. I had 250-300fps. And that wasnt in any server or different map, I was playing competitive like always. I had made some topics about this problem, but never got answer and I gave up on this scenario, but yesterday when the game ran so smooth, it made me want to fix this problem. I play on 144hz monitor, and amd radeon settings are set to best perfomance, csgo settings too.
  13. I have rx580 8gb and ryzen 2600 and my GPU usage is 100%all the time and my CPU is 15-30%. Is that normal becausw its no that big bottleneck
  14. 2. I have updated 3.Cpu is 30 and GPU 100 BENQ 144HZ xl2411