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  1. I am going back and fourth between theese. Which is th netter and is the lower contrast on the xg270qg a big deal?
  2. Earlier today i tried to update my pc. From windows 1803 to 1903 it didnt go well but after some troubleshooting i got it to work. But after my pc had restarted it said something like we couldnt update your pc and went back to 1803 help.
  3. If rocket ninja says that the razer viper is really good. Then i can assume that it is good.
  4. Im rocking a k95 platinum and a rival 600 rn
  5. i cant choose between g pro wireleess or Razer viper ultimate. I have heard that the G pro wireless is the king of wireless. And i have. Also heard that the Viper ultimate is good I would like to hear your opinions on this.
  6. Still thinking on tarkov or battlefield...
  7. but they have added a bit of stuff
  8. Battlefield V or Escape from tarkov? I cant decide please help
  9. I just want a simple answear am i underperforming or not efter thoose forntite matches?
  10. So i am not underperforming?
  11. Ok sko i played 3 games of fortnite mobile on my New S10 plus today. Ut became very hot and quality was on Epic. I benchmarked it after Therese are my scores am i underperforming? Multi core :9656 Singel core:4393
  12. As The Title describes my computer wont turn on after i installed my new samsung 860 evo 500gb. so i did some Troubleshooting And When i plug out the sata power the computer Turns on. So What To do so my pc turns on and the ssd is working SPECS: MOBO:MSI Z370 gaming plus CPU Intel i7 8700 GPU msi Gtx1080 PSU EVGA 650 W Gold
  13. after some days of trying im so happy with this combo thanks everyone!