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  1. Jnys

    S10 underperforming.

    Hope u are kidding
  2. Jnys

    S10 underperforming.

    I just want a simple answear am i underperforming or not efter thoose forntite matches?
  3. Jnys

    S10 underperforming.

  4. Jnys

    S10 underperforming.

    So i am not underperforming?
  5. Ok sko i played 3 games of fortnite mobile on my New S10 plus today. Ut became very hot and quality was on Epic. I benchmarked it after Therese are my scores am i underperforming? Multi core :9656 Singel core:4393
  6. As The Title describes my computer wont turn on after i installed my new samsung 860 evo 500gb. so i did some Troubleshooting And When i plug out the sata power the computer Turns on. So What To do so my pc turns on and the ssd is working SPECS: MOBO:MSI Z370 gaming plus CPU Intel i7 8700 GPU msi Gtx1080 PSU EVGA 650 W Gold
  7. after some days of trying im so happy with this combo thanks everyone!
  8. Jnys

    Arctis 7 or Thresher Ultimate

    Just buy a good stereo headset
  9. What is best 7.1 surround dolby atmos surround thing or Stereo For gaming.
  10. But will i hear where pepole are?
  11. But wait i could use the amp in the soundcard?
  12. Bought the Dt990 edition 250 ohm and soundblaster ae5 will it sound trash and will the surround sound bad?
  13. Jnys

    DT990 premium 250 ohm VS dt990 pro

    So the premium dt 990 is comfortable
  14. Hahaha yeah i was first going to buy the 600 ohm version but i didnt want to push the ae5