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  1. Someone is selling it for 30 dollars, is it worth it, and what card is this comparable too?
  2. Zerkan

    Is Corsair vs550 any good guys?

    Alright!! Thanks guys, have a good day
  3. Zerkan

    Is Corsair vs550 any good guys?

    The cpu atm is an i3 2100 which I will upgrade to an i5 2500k or i5 3570k and the rest of the part I have rn is radeon hd 6870, 12 gb ram, 1 ssd, 1 hdd, 1 cd drive.
  4. So is it good, meh or even bad?? Thanks in advance!!
  5. Zerkan

    Separate PSU for a GPU?

    even I may try this, thanks guys! :))
  6. Zerkan

    Corsair Tx750v2 used?

    This is the site I found the used psu on, https://www.tradera.com/item/341048/350361453/saljer-corsair-tx750-750w-stromforsorjning-cmpsu-750txv2-fungerar. But I use these sites aswell to order parts for example: https://www.inet.se/kategori/595/natdel-psu https://www.komplett.se/category/10057/datorutrustning/datorkomponenter/nataggregat https://www.netonnet.se/art/datorkomponenter/nataggregat
  7. Zerkan

    Corsair Tx750v2 used?

  8. Zerkan

    Corsair Tx750v2 used?

    I know but on a tight budget?
  9. Should I buy this psu for 45 eur used?
  10. Zerkan

    450w enough for radeon hd 6870

    yeah the psu didnt like this, it turned off while running cinebench, coudnlt get it to start it just rebooted cycled, took out gpu, same, reset bios, came in to bios, pc dies in bios.. now i will just let it be for a while
  11. Is this psu: https://antec.com/product/power/vp450p.php enough for the hd 6870 gpu? the cpu in this pc is an i3 2100 and 4gb ram
  12. Zerkan

    Graphics card black screen

    I had this problem and I needed to underclock my gpu like 400mhz to make it stable lol. but that was with a 970 that had blackscreens and woulndt boot.
  13. Zerkan

    Best budget gpu ?

    r9 290x, beats the 780ti and performs like an gtx 1060
  14. Zerkan

    Bad MSI GTX 970

    I got a little better clock, https://gyazo.com/0fbede08e2447c315b117dfaaddb02d7, seems like I cant get it more stable than this but it preforms like an gtx 1050ti with this underclock