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  1. Did you put RTX on, if so turn it off.
  2. So the Vega 7 and Vega frontier have 16g of vram, VR7 is faster , on Vegas you have HBCC and you can add more vram to your gpu using your system ram. I use it on my V64 and it works very well. If you need more vram its the way to go but be aware that you will need at least 32g of ram to help HBCC 16g of ram is a bit short.
  3. If it is just for some days it will be fine. Just change the speed of the cpu to like x30 on the multi.
  4. Dont forget you have to change the board and rams. I dont know for how much but. Ryzens 1600 and a b350 +16g 3000mhz ram I bet it will be cheaper. Have a look , oh and it will use less power and less heat. That GPU is a bit slow +- same performance as a HD7870 , have a look for cheap rx570s
  5. I have a 1600 on water and temps are the same. 1.35v and 3.9 ghz to do 4ghz I have to put 1.5v you can do at stock voltage around 3.7 if you want
  6. Hello, Did you guys tried to use chill on AMD and put the Powetarget down without messing with voltage. On my vega I can get it really eficient with just chill and powertarget down. Give it a look
  7. For the money you cant go wrong with the 5700xt Devil. Strix is just expensive
  8. All of the image problem will be because of the crossfire profiles. Try Superposition and set up a profile for it. When you get it running ok set one up for the games that you want. Be aware that unreal engine games cant run multi gpus , Dx12 does not depend of the drivers but the devs that built the game. Run the same clocks and setings on the cards.
  9. Yes. My Vega 64 with HBCC at 12g will eat more then 8g of vram, Division 2 can use 9g easy, Star citizen will do 8g all the way. for your monitor the 5700xt is more then you need but also what you need :).] Have a look at the Used vega market. Vega 64 Nitro or Devil for 200 to 250 is a very good deal.
  10. get the 5700xt devil. the 2600 will be fine dont worry. I have the 1600 4ghz and a Vega 64 on water, there is no bottleneck so the 2600 will be fine with the 5700xt. Even if its a bottleneck you can upscale on the radeon software, you can do 4k on a 1080p monitor.
  11. you can try and flash another Bios to it. put the 1080 on 1 slot and the 390x on second slot and boot. Then folow the steps on atiflash. use CMD and not the software.
  12. If you can oc that cpu a bit just get a 5700xt devil, for the money is the best you can get new. Put those seting to max and enjoy
  13. 5700xt or 2070s will be in 1080ti range performance. I say hold to see what AMD releases next year in Jan
  14. Its a nice card for 1440p and when you strugle just use RIS and drop the res scale and get nice performance
  15. get any 2 fans 5700. Powercolor One is probbaly the best one for the money.