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  1. Xkillerpn

    Which Radeon for Linux + Blender ?

    A R7 is around 599, 16g of vram and it has HBCC you can get even more vram alocated, for this price there is nothing on the market that can have the same vram. Radeon has really good suport on drivers in Linux
  2. Xkillerpn

    Graphics Update

    your cpu will bottleneck a rx480 or 1060. So with this is mind think abou a new cpu board and rams, before geting a new gpu. Ryzen 1400 or 1600 will be fine and cheap.
  3. Xkillerpn

    RX 570 (8GB) vs GTX 1660

    well for the same money just get a Vega 56 Pulse. Its 270£ in the uk. Its very hard not to go with that deal. Great card for the money
  4. With 1440p and 4k will be fine. 1080p you will bet some bottleneck, just use RES scale always to max and will be fine. Its still a great cpu.
  5. Xkillerpn

    Which RX580 should I buy?

    Get a used rx480 Nitro or Strix, flash rx580 bios, now you have a rx580, that what I did and it works well.
  6. Xkillerpn

    Motherboard very hot?

    ok so do you have an AIO? if so get a fan a case fan and point it to the vrm area and check if the temp will go down on the vrm sensor and ofc finger check if its hot. 100c+ those heatsincs will be burning. if all is ok and you dont get a finger burn then its a faulty sensor.
  7. Xkillerpn

    Motherboard very hot?

    ok, put your finger on the vrm heatsink carefull can be really hot, if not really that hot then stress your cpu and check, you an have a bad sensor. My fx8150 sometimes reported -111c or 195c. Also helps what cpu do you have? is it oc or not? Even so I dont think a i5 wil lget those vrms really hot even if they are a 4phase.
  8. Xkillerpn

    Cheapest GPU for Windows only (3440x1440)

    rx560? you can get a apu ryzen 3200 or 3400? when they get to the stores. the 2400g is always a good option
  9. 3600x is 65w same as 1600 and same as 2600. There is no issue with a 6 cores on a 4 phase vrm, power or temps wise.
  10. Xkillerpn

    AMD RX 5700 Series PCIe 4.0

    Not even a 2080ti uses all of the 3.0 for gaming is realy not needed atm
  11. The 3600 will be fine even on 4phase boards, you can oc all you want. 8 cores will be fine also, oc will depende on the board oc with 4phase and no cooler on the vrm is a no go. Keep in mind that crappy b350 and 450 will always get a bit hot, just keep a good airflow or put a small fan on the vrm. Ive done that in the past for my fx 8150 5ghz.
  12. If you need the vram and 4k fps go with the R7, if you can wait, wait for reviews. If you cant Get a vega64 nitro, they are cheap and with a nice oc they will be at 2070 lvl. rx5700 XT still is a few days away.
  13. Xkillerpn

    GPU "purr sound"

    https://www.arctic.ac/uk_en/ax4.html Get that if you need to replaec that fan, I have one well the rev1 and its amazing. 50c with a rx480 on a modded 1.3v bios. Its very silent
  14. Xkillerpn

    Fluctuating clock speeds

    Hello, well if you are not using it at 100% they will or if the temp max seting is like 60c they will. Also that cpu wont get that card to 100% on 1080p. I had a fx8150 5ghz oc and even the rx480 had a bottleneck. If your fps are good just use it and abuse.
  15. Xkillerpn

    Gtx 1080 or 1080 ti or 1660ti or rtx 2070

    Wait for the RX5700 XT to check reviews. If you have to get it now Vega 56 pulse 270£ is cheap and good, jumping to the Vega 64 you have 2070 performance for less money the Nitro is around 380£. I think that any card with 6G of vram is not a good deal. So with this you can get the best vegas for less money then the cheapest 2070 and probably some 2060. Vegas have HBCC that will let you go over 8G of vram