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  1. will hyperthreading increase performance in games on my i3 4170?
  2. will it fit in my mobo? It's a biostar h81mhv3 and since the ram slots are ontop of the fan, can I install the gammax 400 horizontally? -> https://prnt.sc/t5pluo this is what my mobo looks like inside the case. my cpu is an i3 4170
  3. My ATX chassis is a neutron colt which is a local built chassis I think, I can’t find anything on my specific case online and I already threw away the box years ago. but I remember it’s an ATX case because of a previous post of mine Edit: ok i found an exact case https://www.facebook.com/465383290514876/posts/neutron-colt-mid-tower-caseprice-600-php-condition-brand-new-warranty-1-week-sho/614785948907942/ , it doesnt say anything about its measurements though so..
  4. My motherboard is a biostar h81mhv3 and my case is an ATX case and if it doesn’t fit, what heatsink do you recommend?
  5. can someone recommend a good heatsink isn't above $40-45 and a thermal paste as well, my processsor is a i3 4170 and my mobo is a biostar h81mhv3 im getting 80°c-90°c when playing cs go, valorant, dota 2 and other games
  6. so I want to clean the dust out completely out of my i3 4170 stock cooler, and I was wondering if I should reapply thermal paste after removing it from the cpu even tho i just want to clean the dust out of the heatsink
  7. Will the ryzen 5 3600 work with my motherboard? it's a biostar h81mhv3
  8. I’ll try tommorow.. and im really unfamilliar with this new case so sorry if im ignorant
  9. I removed that slot because i was trying to see if my 1030 would fit and realized it cant because of that lock thingy in the picture
  10. Yes i undid that screw and tried to like, push it outside from the inside and that didnt work so i tried to like push it more harder but that also didnt work
  11. I tried to lift it without the screw, didnt work. I tried to push it outside from inside the case didnt work also.
  12. Idk cuz i really didnt care about the case i just picked one and didnt look at the brand but its an atx case i think
  13. I know how to open the side panel but idk how to remove that lock so i can like slide my gpu in, Also what do u mean by mounting it sideways? im a little dense so yeah
  14. How do i remove this so i can put my gpu in? Edit: i already tried to remove the screw but it still doesnt work
  15. so I recently ordered a GTX 1050 for my pc cuz my old gpu broke which was a GT 1030 and my CPU only has a stock cooler. my cpu is an i3 4170 and old temps while playing were like 50°-65°.. will my temps increase with a GTX 1050 by any chance and how much do u think will it increase?