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  1. I saw this in facebook. I'm just curious what will be the worse thing could happen?
  2. The last line in the POST is "initializing usb controllers.. done." after that it will freeze and I'm unable to enter bios or restart using keyboard. DIMM sockets and RAMs are fine it is fine when only 1 ram is inserted I need to enable the memory remap feature because if it is disabled, windows detects 8gb ram but only 3.30gb are usable this is the specs of the PC:core i5-650foxconn h55mxv2x 4GB Corsair DDR3 1333mhzgtx 660 msi twin frozr iii Corsair VS550 550 watts
  3. I solve it on my own. I enabled the "Memory Remap Feature" in bios. thanks.
  4. this is the specs of the PC:core i5-650foxconn h55mxv1x 2gb 1333mhz DDR31x 4gb 16000mhz DDR3gtx 660 msi twin frozr iiiit's fine for me that the 4gb will run on 1333mhz and not in dual channel.bios also detects 6144Mb of ram.