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  1. JohnDongus

    Complex RAID-0 setup

    I recently installed windows on a a raid 0 setup that was configured with disk manager in windows. For me my bios reconized the drives as a raid config so i gave it a go and had only one issue for whatever reason my drive being a gpt disk rather then a MBR and my mobo has issues with uefi, what i did is partition my raid 0 with a small partition for OS then others for my files and games it worked so if you have the data backed up and the bios is showing the drives in raid then give it a go.
  2. JohnDongus

    240GB SSD Only shows 107GB avaible

    also AMOEI partition assistant
  3. Nah its not that good, you can give it to me.
  4. JohnDongus

    My week of messing with my golden HD 7870

    Oh shoot I think you jinxed my card. It works but is not having some issue after applying a constant voltage
  5. You can get take ownership button in your context menu with a registry file Google it
  6. JohnDongus

    Upgrade now or wait for Zen 2?

    We are so close i would wait. I can smell the new silicon
  7. lots of surveys to do this morning.
  8. JohnDongus

    Need Back plate for wraith spire cooler

    Well if you never find one let me know and I can fabricate one
  9. neither will affect what you are talking about, just get whichever you want. the Pro board mostlikely will give you higher OC's but that wont matter for what your asking.
  10. JohnDongus

    Need Back plate for wraith spire cooler

    what do you mean by long enough, like space between the mobo and the bracket? if so you can use washers or nuts as spacers being carefull not to bridge any connections (use tape on them if you are in that situation) or if im wrong could you explain a bit better am4 should fit if its a am4 board.
  11. JohnDongus

    What is the difference between them

    its all in preference, there is plenty of software to turn dual channel into digital surround sound like atmos or sonic. Just get whatever you want and it will be a negligible difference, but usually the more drivers the better. But from experience i know that my 2 driver headphones sound better then my logitechs with 4 in each ear.
  12. JohnDongus

    What is Bykski's US website?

    These are the two purchasing links i found from a article https://www.primochill.com/products/bykski-amd-radeon-vii-full-coverage-gpu-water-block-clear-a-radeon-vii-x https://item.taobao.com/item.htm?spm=a21wu.12321156-tw.0.0.70d64d88zHmL51&id=588034561856 https://wccftech.com/bykski-amd-radeon-vii-waterblock-a-radeon-vii-x-launch/
  13. JohnDongus

    What is Bykski's US website?

    http://www.bykski.com Then select English in the top left corner