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  1. Noah0302

    g502 hero is worth it ?

    The only reason to go for a Hero version is if you get the lightspeed. The is almost 0 difference between the 3366 and the Hero sensor, since it is basically the same.
  2. Noah0302

    Light wireless mouse

    The G Pro Wireless is probably the best mouse you can get right now, a bit expensive but perfect for me. 80G with the battery
  3. Wow that IS quite hot. My Strix RTX 2080 hits 60-65C max in any game, also Metro with everything stock. But since you're using the FE I guess its not out of the ordinary.
  4. I'd say the stock CPU temps are pretty good foor a 120mm AIO and the GPU temps are also not bad, what GPU card is it though? Asus, MSI... My 8700k reaches about 70C when playing stuff like Apex OCed with a Kraken x72 OCed to 4.9 all cores, so don't worry about your temps at all, and my Strix RTX 2080 OC is below 60C in all games even with the 1980MHz Asus OC and 100% load since Asus probably has the best cooler.
  5. Noah0302

    Intel 10th series socket?

    BIOS is already updated! Yeah I'll probably wait for Zen 2 and hope that the price drops and test if it works as expected.
  6. Noah0302

    Intel 10th series socket?

    Well if this video is anything to go by the Hero X should handle the 9900k just fine. I also read some forum posts that it should work ok, at least good enough to not waste another 250€+ on the Hero XI.
  7. Well do you run your components stock or overclocked?
  8. So I wondered if Intel is going to reuse their 1151 socket yet again for their 10th series desktop processors (i7 or i9). I'd guess that they will change the socket since the current one is already 4 years old, but I could not find reliable information about it. I wonder about the socket because I want to upgrade my CPU, the question is if I should wait for the 10th gen with the rist ok Intel using a new socket or at the very least until Zen 2 is released and hope for a price drop of the 9900k. Upgrading to a 9900k right now would be the easiest option since I already have a motherboard that can handle it (Maximus Hero X), but I'd be really pissed if the 10th gen releases on the same socket. So does anybody know further information about Intels 10th gen other than the suspected release date?
  9. Noah0302

    Rode NT-USB stand broke off

    So I just saw that the replacement mounts are back in stock. Since nothing worked long term I just ordered one for 15€. Thanks for all the replies!
  10. Noah0302

    Rode NT-USB stand broke off

    I tried super and hot glue again and let it cure for longer but it still only held for like 30 mins max. I really don't want it to look that scuffed, so zip ties will be my last resort
  11. Noah0302

    Rode NT-USB stand broke off

    It probably wont fit since the NT-USBs thread is inverted from the yeti, I tried if you can take it apart to reveal a normal thread but I was not so confident that this is even possible to begin with. I did not want to break it further than it already is But I will try it! A friend has a Yeti so I'll look if it will fit. Thanks for the idea.
  12. Noah0302

    Rode NT-USB stand broke off

    I did not know that! If I don't find any epoxy I'll do it again without the fridge.
  13. Noah0302

    Rode NT-USB stand broke off

    So far I tried super glue as well as hot glue with additonal plastic pieces for reinforcement, I also let it cure in the fridge. I don't have epoxy at home sadly, I'll aks around if someone has it since it will be pretty wasted if I buy it just for that and never use it again. Thanks for the reply, If I get my hands on some I'll try it out.
  14. Noah0302

    Rode NT-USB stand broke off

    So yesterday my microphone stand broke off and I tried fixing it with different glues but it just would not hold for more than a couple of minutes. Does anybody know where I can get a replacement? They are all sold out on amazon and Ebay sadly. Or at least how I can fix it for good? ->Pic of where it broke off<-
  15. 800 DPI 1.9 ingame G Pro Wireless / Divina S2 - depending how I fell from day to day