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  1. The only problem with team viewer is that some people might not find it user friendly
  2. My mom is a teacher and she helps kids that have trouble learning to read and write. She is starting her own business where she needs to share her screen and be able to video chat with students so that she doesn't have to go to there house. Does anyone know of any screensharing programs that can only show the screen so that the other person cannot control it? Also does anyone know of a program that is good with video chatting that is easy to setup and install?
  3. Yeah I agree a video on what the future of technology could be.
  4. So like Siri or more like robot with ai built in?
  5. Have you seen this article about scientists getting one step closer to real lightsabers? https://www.foxnews.com/science/mit-harvard-scientists-accidentally-create-real-life-lightsaber
  6. When we use to think of the future we thought of phones on our wrist, sneakers that could tie themselves, self driving cars and other things considered science fiction. But now our future is here, what was once scifi is now real. What do you, the LTT community, think is considered by most to be scifi that one day will be real?
  7. That wouldn't matter because it is n64 to av to adapter to hdmi to tv
  8. Yes. I tried it on a different TV that has a built in composite av port and it worked.
  9. So I just bought the Blackweb composite av to hdmi converter model number bwa19av901 connected everything up to my Samsung TV and the video works but the audio doesn't. Does anyone know how to fix this?
  10. I am running a modded minecrafte server and want to know if there is a way to add a recipe to the crafting table without having to add another mod or have to add a plugin. The recipe i wan to add is attached. also i am running minecraft 1.12.2 with the modpack All the mods 3 : Remix.
  11. i have a program on windows 10 that is not responding and i want to know if i can fix that without closing the program because i forgot to save what i am doing in it. The application is lmms and it stopped responding when i tried to clone a plugin.
  12. I looked at the S10e. It looks good however if there is a less expensive option that would be better.
  13. I'll take a look at the S10e but not the iPhone. I have nothing against iPhone I just prefer android.
  14. I was looking at that but it doesn't have a micro SD slot I don't think