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  1. I tried that but whenever I try to add a new watch face it doesnt go over to my watch. Also none of my notification get sent to my watch either.
  2. My question is if it's still possible to use a Pebble steel on an android phone even though their app is no longer in the store. If it is possible, how do you do it?
  3. M1RR0RED

    Change LTT username

    Step 1 Step 2 Step 3 Type in new password in the given area
  4. M1RR0RED

    Change LTT username

    never mind found it
  5. M1RR0RED

    Change LTT username

    Does anyone know if there is a way to change my LTT username without having to make a new account?
  6. Where can I find the videos that you play on the devices you show off? For example the video of someone baking.

  7. Oh gosh. What a silly billy. He pranked us guys.
  8. I was actually a little surprised that Apple is only making the credit card for iPhone users
  9. M1RR0RED

    Disappointment with LMG

    I can understand where you are coming from. The sad thing is that whether it be LTT changing their style up, or external sources pushing them to do this, (for example the youtube algorithm favoring certain things), at the end of the day change is inevitable. However, I think it is good that you used the forum to talk about this because it is more likely for LTT to see this and take into consideration changing in a different way based on how the community feels about them.
  10. M1RR0RED

    Can Minecraft load time be inproved?

    Ok, will do.
  11. M1RR0RED

    Anthem "Exposed": They Done fucked up

    I'm sorry. I got so angry that I used no no words.
  12. I can understand why people are getting annoyed. I personally am a Steam user however Steam kinda was starting to become too powerful with the amount of say they had when it came to money. They kinda were becoming what Amazon is but only with downloadable content.
  13. M1RR0RED

    Can Minecraft load time be inproved?

    Ok that's what I thought.
  14. M1RR0RED

    Anthem "Exposed": They Done fucked up

    Wow. EA is doodey poopoo not funny and wearing a tootoo.
  15. M1RR0RED

    Can Minecraft load time be inproved?

    The modpack is called all of the mods and it has like 300 mods. I cant remember my system specs off the top of my head because I am out right now but the graphics card is a 980ti if thats helpful at all.