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  1. Fr8ty

    Best Gaming Headset No Mic Needed

    Hmmm will see
  2. Fr8ty

    Keyboard Advice

    The ducky one 2 is 60 percent I’m not to sure what that means
  3. Fr8ty

    Keyboard Advice

    The fn key is moved and some of the keys are not available
  4. Fr8ty

    Keyboard Advice

    Hey I have had my razer black widow ultimate for around 4 years and I am looking for a new keyboard. People tend to complain that it is too clicky and loud so I am looking at Cherry MX brown switches or the Speed Silver. I like the ducky one 2 mini keyboard but the lay out is strange. Corsair keyboards are nice but they look quiet large. Any suggestions, would like to stay at around 130 usd or lower
  5. Fr8ty

    Best Gaming Headset No Mic Needed

    Hey, Black Friday is right around the corner and I am looking for a nice headset for gaming but also delivers great sound overall. My budget is about 150 usd ( can be slightly flexible). Thank you
  6. Your right, I wasn’t sure what the warranty covered so I sent it in, If I knew they didn’t cover water damage I wouldn’t have sent it in, I do know that they obviously don’t check however.
  7. If you don’t think pc building has became easier of the years I would do some research if I were you...
  8. I wasn’t sure, I just sent it in with broken under the malfunction error and they sent me a new one, I don’t think EVGA water tests their RMA’s like Apple.
  9. It really isn’t, the amount of YouTube video guides, aids to help you build ( like the dumb cpu installer took from ASUS), and detailed instructions have improved over the years.
  10. Most new Most beginners don’t know how to trouble shoot each individual component.
  11. You are very belligerent. My cup was on my desk like any normal persons would be. The radiator vent was opened. Mistakes happen. You obviously don’t understand the situation.