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    Ryzen 7 3700x
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    Trident Z Neo 3600Mhz
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    EVGA 1070 FTW DT
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    Lian-Li O11
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    Corsair MP600 1 TB, Adata SU800 512 GB
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    Corsair RM850X 850W
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    CoolerMaster MasterLiquid 360R
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    Monoprice D20 Browns
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    Logitech G502 HERO
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    SteelSeries Arctis 7
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    Windows 10 Education

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  1. Seems like that's the case. Just tried the CMOS reset but no dice there.
  2. BIOS doesn't see it at all. Tried looking in diskpart but nothing there either.
  3. Unfortunately, I don't. I'm trying to make another boot drive on my SATA SSD but it looks like the USB isn't being booted into properly. Thinking its the USB this time so I'm trying with another. Edit: Yep, it was the USB. Installing Windows on my other SSD now, but still stuck on getting my NVME up
  4. Just booted up this morning to a blue screen (0xc000000e I think?). Restarted and checked BIOS and it turns out that my NVME drive isn't being detected anymore. Didn't make any significant changes or have any weird errors previously. I've tried changing the M.2 slot, disabling CSM, and removing all other drives, but it doesn't seem like the computer even sees the drive as connected as all. Edit: Tried inserting a recovery USB, but it boots up to another blue screen (0xc0000225) and pressing any option just flashes the screen and does nothing.
  5. I saw that thread too. I guess NVIDIA updated their control panel recently but I'm only seeing options related to color (brightness/contrast/gamma). I disabled hardware acceleration on chrome as a test and it seems like thats working. I don't know enough about HDCP to know if that's bypassing it or not. Did a test with edge with hardware acceleration and that broke it again. So probably as long as I'm not using anything requiring hardware acceleration its fine(?) Not sure about the ramifications of doing that though.
  6. Just switched the DP port on my card to another DP port. No luck there unfortunately. Not sure what you mean by a "new" DP cable, but I tried it with an included cable that came with my other monitor last week. No adapters being used here, just straight DP to DP port. Are you suggesting I run out and buy a new cable? Edit: You're correct in that its only happening with video though.
  7. Yep, both 8-pins are sure in there. If that was the case it would affect my other monitor too right? Especially since the ASUS one is 1440p, but it only happens on the 1080p monitor.
  8. I just recently built a new computer and connected my old monitor (MSI MAG24MVC) up to it alongside a new one (VG27AQ). It worked normally for the first week and then the MSI would sometimes glitch out when I fullscreened a video on it. All I've tried so far was switching out the cable, but that doesn't seem to be the problem. That led me to think that it was the monitor, but the OSD shows up just fine over the distortion. My last resort is to RMA it, but I don't really want to wait the few weeks it would take to do that if I don't have to. Any suggestions?
  9. There's already some good answers, but there's also the fact that Amazon and co are getting more and more popular. Since most package deliverers will leave stuff at your front door, its a good way to catch someone who's just trailing those trucks hoping for free loot. Sure, it directly protects entry into your home from your door, but its also good for other use cases.
  10. If its still an issue you might want to make it a bit steeper. Here's mine for reference, but ymmv depending on your cooler and ambient temps. Obviously don't make it too steep so that you end up running too hot. With my curve like this, I usually get 44C idle.
  11. I'm having a similar problem. I fixed the fan noise by changing the fan curve though. But of curiosity, what are your voltages like?
  12. Exactly this. It could be a faulty converter.
  13. Are both monitors plugged into the 5700 XT?
  14. I was aware that those affected it to a degree, but ~10% difference seems like quite a big hit imo. Temps rarely go above 65 so I don't think thats an issue however.
  15. So I recently got my hands on a 3700x and swapped out my old 1600x for it. Immediately I noticed that voltages were mostly between 1.4-1.5 V and my CPU fan started going crazy on idle (temps were around 45ish). I threw on Time Spy and strangely enough, voltages went down to 1.2-1.3 V range. I ended up with a score of ~8900, well shy of the other 3700x's that had scores of around 9500. Comparing Cinebench scores led to a similar story. I know that using my old b350 board is gimping my CPU a bit, but is that all to this story or is there something else that could possible be lowering my CPU performance? I'm also on the latest chipset drivers, BIOS, and Ryzen balanced power plan.