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  1. Oh, I meant the 1440P, not the 2K. Haven't known that before.
  2. I've thought about that too. But right now there isn't any third party producer introducing their 5700XT and the poor thermal condition that the founder card had, I do not really want to get one right now. And thx for the recommendation for monitors.
  3. Ok thx. Right now having a 1080p but wanting to get a 2K monitor
  4. Just got some money around and going to spend it on my computer upgrade. After already update my CPU to 3700X, I have a little bit of difficulty to choose which graphics card should I buy, after all, the brand new RTX2070 Super, the RTX2080 or a second hand 1080Ti OC? They cost pretty much the same and so does their performance (through checking on the internet). Right now I have 144Hz at 1080p but planning to get a new monitor with 2K 144Hz. Thus among all three which card is the best for me?