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  1. homeap5

    can i install windows 8 hard drive?

    Just plug and play.
  2. homeap5

    which browser do you mainly use?

    I had highly customized Firefox until they made quantum version and drop support to all my plugins. That's why I switch to Waterfox. Now Firefox is probably the only browser that you can't change key bindings (you can a little, but it not works on all websites). I'm still waiting for some improvements and checking new versions, but nothing really changes.
  3. homeap5

    backup all programs?

    First tell us what is wrong with your system. Maybe we can help with that "corruption". You can use Macrium Reflect to made image of your whole drive. That image is mountable, so you can mount it on new system when you need some files you're missing. Of course if your system partition is not like 2TB - then it's not worth. You can also copy users and ProgramData folders if you need only backup settings.
  4. homeap5

    can't install microsoft store apps

    You probably blocked something related to windows update.
  5. Drag and drop method you can only use for html code and css. I don't know how to drag and drop may work for php scripts, except few predefined actions maybe.
  6. homeap5

    cannot open a folder/delete it

    Use Autoruns or search for scheduled tasks.
  7. homeap5

    Sleep mode restarts my pc

    Find settings related to deep sleep in bios. But first - disable hybrid sleep in system.
  8. homeap5

    alienware aurora r7

    Yes. Install different browser (Opera - basically it's the same as Chrome) and forget about reinstalling system, especially with that limited knowledge. And use AdwCleaner.
  9. homeap5

    AVG: good or evil?

    Norton? Lol. AV that knows better what to do than user and don't even ask for delete suspicious file.
  10. homeap5

    Alternative to Launchy that isn't sluggish?

    He don't answer you. He is just some kind of spammer.
  11. homeap5

    Second drive issue

    It's not a good idea to use special characters in profile name. Some programs works bad that way and looking for different user folder.
  12. homeap5

    Is it okay to keep reinstalling OS to SSD?

    Why just once a week? Try every day or every boot. But seriously - do not reinstall Windows. Just don't. Unless it's your only hobby.
  13. homeap5

    Going back to Windows 10 from Mac. What maintenance programs?

    I think reinstalling Windows is a myth because I read huge number of articles, comments and opinions that Windows needs this without any logical explanation other than "because everyone knows that" or "because it's good practice" etc. If this is not a myth, then I don't know what it is. I understand that sometimes someone may broke Windows by accidentally delete files or important registry entries and not always fixing that is worth someone's work, especially if that system is used for browsing internet and playing few games. And I'm not talking about that type of situations. I'm taking about mindless reinstalling Windows every even small problem or "just in case". This forum is full of examples of that. Posts like "my mouse don't work, I made clean install, but that don't fix a problem" are example how bad is that.
  14. homeap5

    Going back to Windows 10 from Mac. What maintenance programs?

    Because I wrote only one example doesn't mean it's the only I have. But this is something I discuss so many times, that it becomes boring. And yes - need for reinstalling Windows or need for cleaning are most common and stupid myths imo.
  15. homeap5

    Going back to Windows 10 from Mac. What maintenance programs?

    Lol, in my workplace I have computer with WinXP installed 12 years ago. Still working, without reinsall, even cloned to SSD from HDD and after motherboard change. So it all depends if you believe in myths that Windows needs cleaning, reinstalling etc. or if you use common sense.
  16. homeap5

    Going back to Windows 10 from Mac. What maintenance programs?

    My advice is - focus on more interesting things than cleaning your system. Is not what system is made for. Windows will work for years without your help (even if there is common myth that it needs reinstalls - it doesn't). People who trying to improve system too much or clean too much ends with broken system. And yes - then they made reinstall.
  17. homeap5

    Want to move bootloader from one disk to another.

    It may be difficult. You may try to shrink partition with system a little, then unplug hdd and boot using windows installer on usb, then use "fix boot". Second option is similar - shrink partition, leave some space at start then clone bootable partition from hdd to ssd using Macrium Reflect. For partition operations use MiniTool Partition Wizard. Third, manual option you can find on Google (how to create uefi boot partition). All operations you should made with unplugged HDD (except moment while you cloning boot partition - it requires hdd connected). You may also try to use bootalbe windows installer and fix boot without any actions - depends how do you prepared your ssd it may work or not.
  18. As I said - it's MASTER volume. You know how mixers works, right? Master volume affects every other volume levels. You should not touch master volume (leave it at 100%) and use volume mixer to turn down volume of other applications. Every application appears in your mixer.
  19. It should be not possible. Main volume is something like master volume. Rest depends on master volume, so the only way to increase volume in program is to boost, but then you'll have digital distortions. You can try to boost volume in PotPlayer and test, but quality of sound may be not as good as before. Windows mixer is a little confusing, because level of program should be show as 100% while main volume (master volume) should behave like in any real mixer. But it's probably better that way for people who don't understand how mixers work and wants to increase volume.
  20. homeap5

    Boot Loop Error code help

    It may. It's easy to check.
  21. homeap5

    Boot Loop Error code help

    Is your CPU overclocked?
  22. homeap5


    PSU - power, not GPU. Try different PSU first of you have access to any.
  23. homeap5

    2 cursors?

    There is only one program for multiseat I know and is paid. https://www.ibik.ru/ I think if you will be satisfied (30 day trial), price is good (about 50 dollars). For sure cheaper than buying second computer.