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  1. homeap5

    Moving Windows from HDD to SSD?

    There is also hardcore method. Install Windows on SSD, use second computer, plug both drives and use Directory Opus to copy Windows, Users and both Program Files directories with keeping their full permissions (remove old folders first). There is an option in configuration to do that (keeping permissions). You may try that just for fun for learn something about how it really works.
  2. Prices are similar.
  3. Why not just new Z390 board? ASUS PRIME Z390M-PLUS (not as recommendation, but as example) Not as "gaming" as Strix or Tuf, but should be more than enough. And it's Z390 after all. With the same price. Maybe later you'll buy some 9th gen K processor.
  4. homeap5

    Slow SSD speed after cloning from HDD

    Good for you. I bet that you don't even noticed difference in boot and programs load speed, but numbers are nicer.
  5. Do not reinstall Windows, it's waste of time. System will work the same good as "new" (because it will be basically the same). Windows do not use drivers for non-existing hardware. In rare case of any conflict (I never had one, but who knows) - you can use tools like Ghostbuster. That "good practice" is not so good - people use it "just in case" becasue "SOMETHING wrongt MAY happen" etc. It's like someone ask you to drive faster on fast route and you're answering "no, better not to do that, I always drive 50km/h and it's best practice to drive always the same speed". No, it's not. It's lack of any practice.
  6. homeap5

    Slow SSD speed after cloning from HDD

    But you know that is no longer win95/98 era, right? Win10 or even win7/vista is not the same crap as win98 with its limited and bugged registry? Wake up man, lot of things changed. I also have years of experience - but not only with repeating the same actions since win95 (clean install all the time).
  7. homeap5

    Slow SSD speed after cloning from HDD

    Maybe because I don't repeat stupid myths, my operating systems work for years without reinstall. You should listen to more experienced users than those who know only one method (clean install) and pretend to be specialists (great ones, who knows how to install os - really difficult). It's completely normal that is difficult to find good opinions on internet. Majority of users are not experienced ones - they just repeat the same as other (also not so experienced) users says. Not so long ago many people thinks that all registry optimizers, ram optimizers and system cleaners (or driver instalation tools) are great. It changes because more and more people explain why its bad. I hope the same will be with stupid reinstalling system myth. And Samsung is not one of the best cloning software if you ask me.
  8. homeap5

    Slow SSD speed after cloning from HDD

    This is not true! All that crap like "clean install is the only way" should be removed from professional forum. I cloned dozens of HDD/SSD and it work always as good as clean install (except I don't need to configure everything from zero and install lot of programs again). Your one, single bad case (and probably use of some crappy software) doesn't mean that you have any experience. @Bayron: your drive is about 70% full and your system probably do something while you checking speed (it may be optimization, superfetch or even unnecessary defrag). Especially that day after first test, your results are better. You can boot from HDD (if you have your old system) and check your SSD speed while is not using by system. It will show you real speed. Also - take note that all tests (or at least lot of them) are made on empty drives with all empty cells. If you want to see good speed in CrystalDiskMark, disable superfetch, prefetch, indexing etc. That minimizes read/writing in background and you'll see improvement. And really, do not expect that your read/write speeds will be better because you made "clean" install. They may be better right after that (because your drive will be only few percent full) but after you install everything again - you'll see again how "great" Kingston drives are. BTW. And one more: https://ssd.userbenchmark.com/Kingston-A400-240GB/Rating/3953 Notice that range of results are very wide. And for sure most of them are lower than declared values for this model.
  9. homeap5

    Slow SSD speed after cloning from HDD

    It's one of the worst SSD on the market. Read some forums where people complain about speed. Maybe firmware update help. It's not the first time when Kingston makes SSD that is much slower than it should be. But don't worry so much about measured speed. In every day use it will be still great improvement over HDD.
  10. homeap5

    Motherboard upgrade without reinstalling windows

    I made that even with XP and win7. :)
  11. homeap5

    Motherboard upgrade without reinstalling windows

    I'm shocked, so many answers and not even one with standard "you must reinstall Windows even if you're changing mouse". Yes, they're right, your system will work. if you want to clean it later, you can use Ghostbuster tool, but only if you know what you are doing. But everything will work even without that. Good luck with your new hardware.
  12. homeap5

    Batch Rename Utilities

    Then script or just few renames. You can use section with results (previews) to inject zeros in places you want and Opus will make all job without using regular expressions or script.
  13. homeap5

    Windows reboots when I try to shut it down

    It's something related to "wake on pattern match". Turning on Magic Packet is not affected (if you want to turn on your computer remotely), only that "pattern match". Some routers or switches, or maybe other computers in network, sends some packets that wakes computer. I saw that few times. BTW. Unchecking "allow this device to wake the computer" and disabling WOL (enabling ErP) in BIOS will give you less power consumption (just a little) when your computer is turned off (look at your LAN card led). So it's more "green" solution. Especially if you don't use Wake On Lan anyway.
  14. homeap5

    How to get a drive to appear on the quick files

    If you're quick typist, use keyboard to access your drives. Just type D:\ in filename field and press enter. Dialog box remain open and you'll see D drive directory listing. You can also type (or copy and paste from explorer address field) full path - it moves you to that path immediately. Or you can even type filename at the end of that path and you'll save your file directly to that path (if path contain spaces, you'll need to type everything in quotes).
  15. homeap5


    Do you mean files or audio steam?