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  1. homeap5

    Help installing windows 10

    It's the same controller. Maybe years ago, when low quality USB2.0 ports was connected to second motherboard controller, it was true, or on old motherboards, when you upgrading BIOS (FAT32 required and only USB2.0 ports), but now I don't think it makes any difference in good quality case with good quality USB3 connectors.
  2. homeap5

    Windows 10 Requires daily reboot or will slow to a crawl

    Use Autoruns and show me list.
  3. homeap5

    Budget graphics

    Come on! Ryzen has nice integrated graphics, but not THAT nice. :)
  4. If we're talking about simply read and txt answer - Sylpheed may be what you need. If you want something looking nicer - Opera Mail (even if discontinued). If you don't care about complicated (extremely) GUI and configuration - Pegasus Mail. If you want paid - eM Client. Maybe TheBat too. If you want to use English only and no UTF support at all, but want to handle lot of email accounts and emails - find Eudora 7 somewhere (i was using this one for years, but now I prefer something that supports UTF) and find out how to install this program (grant full access to program directory is the key).
  5. homeap5

    Windows 10 Black Screen Issue

    Do you have official installer or some modified installer downloaded from "somewhere"?
  6. Just plug your old system to new computer and boot. Use PS/2 mouse or keyboard to install missing drivers, but remember to put these drivers to your hdd first, since you'll have no internet access without them. In case bsod - use Paragon Adaptive Restore 2010 bootable usb to adapt your system to new hardware (it's automatic). Whole operation requires some knowledge (and hardware) but is possible. If you have no PS2 devices, you can use separate pci-e usb controller previously installed on old computer. If you have any.
  7. homeap5

    Help installing windows 10

    If your system hang BEFORE you boot up the computer - then it's very strange (or even impossible - boot goes first). The same about keyboard - no matter how you boot your Win10 installation media and no matter what settings do you have in BIOS - keyboard should always work. Try to check everything in your build - all cables etc.
  8. homeap5

    Is this a Virus?

    And ring - in 99,99% cases it's just file virus, not firmware malware. Anyway - what are we talking about, it's pointless. You have read some informations on internet and trying to be smart. Other quote from internet if you like them: "So far, this has proven to be a theoretical vulnerability. Real attacks have been demonstrated, so it’s a real vulnerability - but we haven’t seen it exploited by any actual malware in the wild yet."
  9. homeap5

    Is this a Virus?

    He is probably bigger than you. I never heard of cybersecurity specialist that recommend destroying any hardware. Cheap or not.
  10. homeap5

    Is this a Virus?

    You can be paranoid for your hardware, but suggesting other people that they should destroy their hardware is a little too much.
  11. homeap5

    Is this a Virus?

    Do you trash your ssd when you have a virus? I can give you my address and you can send me all SSD drives with viruses. Good expensive pendrives too.
  12. He install Afterburner as my advice to underclock GPU, so this program is not a problem in this case.
  13. homeap5

    Windows 10 Black Screen Issue

    Just revert changes the same way you made this changes (probably by using the same tool you broke it). Or use sfc /scannow command (as admin) to check/repair system files (wow, this is first time I recommend that solution).
  14. homeap5

    Windows 10 Black Screen Issue

    If Windows Defender Firewall was stopped, that means you tuneup something in your system or used programs that disables some functionality (like Windows Update or Windows Defender / Firewall). Microsoft Store needs / wants them to work (for some reason). Set these services to automatic mode and start all of them. If you're using some 3rd party tool to disable updates / firewall - use the same tool to re-enable it.
  15. homeap5

    Windows 10 Black Screen Issue

    So turn on again Windows Update, BITS, Windows Defender Firewall (if any of them are disabled) and check again. And check event viewer after that freeze - see what problem is reported.