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  1. 8700k overclocking

    Try this one by Shooter8080 - is safe enough: https://www.reddit.com/r/intel/comments/78g4qh/msi_z370_8700k_overclocking_tips/ In my case - 1.23 V is enough, but that depends on motherboard and CPU I guess. Is OC worth? Yes, it is - you paid for K processor and you want to make it as fast as possible (without extreme). Is OC speed so different than stock? Mostly - no, you didn't notice difference in most cases, but it's always faster. Most of motherboards have turbo speed settings anyway, so you can have almost the same with auto settings. But still is better to do it manually with better control over voltages etc. Many motherboards gives too high voltage just in case, which is not so good for your CPU.
  2. Is fake win 10 legit?

    Nice btw. I would add one more: Asking people on forum how to be a pirate = VERY BAD
  3. SSDs!

    Anyway, I assume that you have one HDD with single partition and EVERYTHING on it (games, movies, photos, system) and SSD, and not any third Hard Drive to use. So the only option for you is to install Windows on SSD (or buy really big SSD that have enough space for cloning). Good thing is that you may install Windows on your SSD, you still have HDD intact, so you can move whatever you like later. Even programs (some of them) and games. And you may do this operation how long you want. For example - you noticed that you still have one game missing and wants to play? No problem, boot from your HDD and play game and think how to move game to new system later. If you're talking about slow down boot when you install programs and games - no, it's not like that. You may have 1000 programs installed and 2000 games and it will work the same as fresh new system. Only programs that automatically starts with Windows can slow down start.
  4. SSDs!

    Of course no. You can clone (image / restore) your system using software for that. If you're experienced enough. (example). And if you have enough space.
  5. Iphone XS max or wait till 2019

    I'm just curious - what do you do on your phone that you need it to be so powerful?
  6. Transfering large files

    It is complicated. It's most powerful filemanager on PC. But you can configure everything in it. Even create windows toolbars if you prefer instead using icons on desktop or start menu. It's unfortunately expensive and support is mostly like "we know better".
  7. Is fake win 10 legit?

    They never say that it's fine. Please find me where they wrote that using Windows without product key is permitted. Previous versions was more restricted, because was another way of selling products - mostly in BOX with DVD that was required to prove that your Windows is legal (and you need also sticker on your pc case). Now Microsoft change that a little - now you can download Windows from their website, because you can buy product without DVD or USB pendrive, and you need only proof of purchase. It's cheaper for them, Microsoft can provide most up to date version of Windows this way, you don't need to download Windows from suspicious websites (and that is more safe for everyone), but it's still against to use it if you have no key. This download is for customers only. It's like you download program that is free but not allowed for commercial use - you still can use it in your company, because program can't detect where you use it, but it's against policy. And what - you'll say that everything is ok, because program starts and works fine? I found something like this (it's easy to find): So, you can use Windows only if you are properly licensed and the software has been properly activated with a genuine product key. Any other theories that watermark means "ok" and "free"?
  8. HELP!! RAM speed issue

    You can set it to "auto" or use "X.M.P." settings. Check your BIOS manual. Something is set wrong (voltage or speed).
  9. Transfering large files

    And what about Directory Opus? Is not fastest though but for sure can copy everything, including file permissions if you set it to.
  10. Be quiet! Straight Power 11 - version 450W, 550W, 650W depends on your needs. VERY silent. Fully modular.
  11. You have 6th gen i5 CPU and you worry about bottleneck because what? Because Intel released 8th gen processors and they are better? Well, soon they release 9th gen. You can always change cpu later and your new graphics card will work, so you can just test it without any risk.
  12. Ram usage INSANE pls help

    Then enable it and stop "improving" system that way.
  13. Ram usage INSANE pls help

    What about pagefile? Do you by any chance disabled virtual memory?
  14. Upgrade GPU. Maybe. You have nice config anyway.