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  1. ok ive never bothered to check for dust and to my surprise there wasnt much at all. so i dont know about the dirt part but yes amoled can be a deal breaker. its like iphone 8 plus like screen in terms of lcd quality
  2. since i live in india i can talk about the indian scene. as i said in the original post asus never took the indian market seriously before but now they've done promotions with youtubers and what not. 2. they literally sent their devices to popular xda developers like arnova for gcam and to lineage team to kickstart custom development along with releasing sources. 3.If asus prices their phones competing with samsung they wouldnt sell.just the fact itself that they are offering phones at cheaper prices means they want them to sell.they arent launching phones with a high price tag. they're actually being competitive. hence i said they're trying in the mobile space.
  3. most companies on the android side dont care to update their lowest end phones and im obviously not gonna defend them.the situation might change soon for newer models going forward because of google but i where did you buy that phone from? you literally paid 3x the amount that it costs here in india.
  4. still the promotions, price drop, hw and sw experience has been much better now.its not just the security updates im talking about.
  5. i live in india so had to sleep and then straight to university. im back though
  6. you might not like the idea of the flip camera but honestly after using it ive got no problem with it at least my unit works perfectly. ive already dropped it and it still works fine.i think the benefit of using the back camera as a front camera is good enough to warrant the use of the flip mechanism
  7. look i know someone who uses a low end asus phone which also gets security updates. the india head or whatever position guy has been trying promotions with youtubers and stuff like that. theyve got custom roms for all of their models and not only their shitty zen ui to almost stock zen ui but also their update situation has seriously improved from just a few years back. so id say they are trying.
  8. source: https://www.xda-developers.com/asus-zenfone-6-android-10-update/ let me start by saying im currently using the asus 6z/zenfone 6 and im a happy user. asus has been doing some great work in the mobile sector recently with the asus zenfone 6, rog phone 2. the hardware is simply amazing. software side theres an android beta program running for a while now and asus has finally started rolling out the official ota. they not only released the sources but also provided phones to popular devs like arnova for gcam support. theres custom roms available and they're timely with their updates. my android security never went more than 2 months old. the phone has been good with the camera(good enough),hw,software and let me just say this about the battery the phone gives 2 day battery life 12 hrs sot 2 days single 4g volte sim standby sales i dont have any official figures but when the rog phone went on sale it went out of stock in both india and china. do you think asus can pull this off successfully under such a competitive market if they continue like this?
  9. i dont think if people are investing in a proper gaming rig they just want to play modern games on it.future proofing your rig is also quite important. i bought a phone recently and i dont think id wanna change it for at least 2 to 3 years unless something breaks.not everyone likes to or wants to upgrade every so often and as games are already being optimized for more cores having a few more would be beneficial for future games which a consumer buying now might consider! not only that i would like my browser, music and discord running while im gaming and situations like these could use some extra cores.
  10. no wonder intels falling down if people there actually think like this.i obviously dont think its everyone but still what if you're streaming lol saying shit like this creates a bad rep for the company.
  11. source: https://www.techquila.co.in/cores-doesnt-improve-performance-intel-executive-amd/ According to the article posted on Techquila, Ryan Shrout (Intels chief performance strategist) says on medium that adding cores doesnt improve performance before amds new launches. the article basically bashes his statements.he didn't even test an AMD CPU just tested gaming at different core counts. according to ryan 8 cores is the seet spot and any more cores wont help in gaming. the testing methodology is itself flawed. is this really what independent journalism should be like? the core count opinion sounds dated. he also said while this is true intel itslef is increasing their own core counts so these statements seem idiotic.why would they make such stupid statements? statements like these reduce intels rep. there are articles on the same from 1 or 2 more sources.
  12. thanks for the reply but you might have some info incorrect zenfone has 5k mah battery but 18 watts charging k20 pro has 4k mah but 27 watts charging (amoled also uses less power) both have snapdragon 855. i like the old fp sensor and i dont care about face unlock anyway
  13. my bad.thanks for the info. edit: included the area in the main post
  14. I assume you don't live in India. I've had a Lenovo phone(moto in a way) which was managed by moto team in India and had stock android as well, however, the hardware wasn't great and they managed to screw up the stock software as well somehow. I've chosen Asus as my primary because its almost stock like with extra features(kinda like one plus oxygen os) and is in Google beta program and has promised updates till r at least. snapdragon 855, faster storage, cameras will be a big compromise i could flash custom rom on the k20 pro and hence the confusion. thanks for the reply tho
  15. its out of my budget and even if it wasnt i still wouldnt buy it since it doesnt have a headphone jack.one of the best phones out there otherwise
  16. xiaomi hasn't launched that phone in India. k20 pro is global mi 9t (sorry i should've mentioned it before)
  17. I can't decide on which phone to buy.my budget only allows me to go up to 500 dollars or so and considering this restriction, I've got 3 options 1.one plus 7 2.asus zenfone 6 3.redmi k20 pro/mi 9t edit: I live in India so my options will be limited to that region. camera/video, audio, ui is a bit important to me I don't like Bluetooth earphones and due to the notch one plus is out of the options both Asus and k20 pro are value-flagships, good construction, etc Asus adv -good ui -good audio -good camera -bigger battery(5k vs 4k mah) -micro sd slot, dual speaker k20 pro adv -better screen -faster charging confusion -I prefer stock android and would love to go with Asus however Asus has an LCD whereas k20 pro which is a bit cheaper has a Samsung AMOLED screen with hardware dimming (NOTE: both have 600 nits peak brightness and are hdr) -I could possibly root k20 pro but that's not something id prefer to do as I'm not sure about warranty. I need the phone now and currently, there are no custom ROMs for it on xda that can be used as daily drivers! which one should I buy? any help is appreciated!
  18. just close your eyes and get lost in the music
  19. this unnecessary Huawei bashing seems really stupid to me.personally stock/custom ROM guy but their software does work great (my friend's phone). idk why people go crazy with brand loyalty. one plus,Nokia, etc caught sending data but no Huawei is dangerous. until any proof is provided ill have to assume it's done to keep Huawei out of 5g infrastructure since its a Chinese company.
  20. sorry for the late reply but exactly that's my point.other than the news thing they just said we will release stuff this year with no concrete info. they did the same with airpower. do you really think that an event was necessary for giving that little amount of information ? and by the way, my rant was basically for their "standards" that they are trying to uphold. just because its apple people allow this shit to fly. what im talking about is losing trust in these advertisements. lenovo I think some time back made ridiculous claims and then said those were specs for 3 different things and not a single smartphone obviously, people got angry and now Apple did this with airpower. this happens a lot now, companies talk about features and don't deliver them for years sometimes. why allow/encourage that?
  21. imo apple just lied at the event that their engineers know how to do it and messed up big time lol. it was needed imo. theyre honestly responsible for a lot of bad decisions and the way that the market has shifted. and what standards are they talking about? bendgate? butterfly keyboards? heating devices? weak display cables that dont work fo long? impure "sapphire" camera lens? they shouldnt falsely advertise or talk about products or services that they arent even going to release now and hold grand events for those. people seriously watched their event about how theyll probably have a game subscription service and news app and bs crap in some time that they wont tell us when and no cost either. setting a really bad example for the market.
  22. can't install any games because origin says click yes when uac pops up when downloading. no solutions work that are available online so i tried debugging it myself and it seems to be related to qtwebengineprocess. the debug file in origin says [0210/130112:WARNING:resource_bundle_qt.cpp(114)] locale_file_path.empty() for locale what can I do about this? I don't think its a file permission issue. the backend software cant communicate with my file directory.
  23. tried this version too. did not work. tried it in safe mode as well and no solution