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  1. can't install any games because origin says click yes when uac pops up when downloading. no solutions work that are available online so i tried debugging it myself and it seems to be related to qtwebengineprocess. the debug file in origin says [0210/130112:WARNING:resource_bundle_qt.cpp(114)] locale_file_path.empty() for locale what can I do about this? I don't think its a file permission issue. the backend software cant communicate with my file directory.
  2. tried this version too. did not work. tried it in safe mode as well and no solution
  3. thanks ill try this version too
  4. sorry for the late ss. I ended up uninstalling it sigh
  5. wait .. i didn't get that message while i installed it tried two different origin installation files 1.while searching apex it gave me a different sized file 2.from their website i can only download origin - thin client.
  6. I wanted to try the game apex legends but to install that i need to install origin. well, I installed origin and everything went fine but clicking download gives me a message that select yes and it needs some permission to download/create folder thing.there is no UAC message asking me to click yes on! it bugged me that i cant install it. I've tried everything from changing directories, different UAC control levels, changing file permissions, running as an administrator, clearing temp files, reinstalling origin updating bios. all combinations of solutions that I could think of and it still doesn't work. I've tried all solutions provided online by ea and none of them work. I haven't tried reinstalling windows or using safe mode well because that's bs just to install a game!?
  7. parthm

    msi boss on intel shortages

    well if intel cant beat amds performance at a particular price comparison then why wouldnt the consumer buy amd with the spare money to put elsewhere maybe like a good mb? or just sell more at less profits? unless intel holds grudge or plays like nvidea and their weird partner program things.
  8. parthm

    Why did you buy an Android phone?

    the sheer amount you can customize on android without rooting it is amazing. it truly feels like a personal device (check the ss) and not to mention the multitasking capabilities.on top of that android phones have ridiculous amounts of battery too! (select phones obviously) headphone jack, viper4audio mod (thank god for this) substratum,magisk provide more functionality/customization than you'll ever need. the ability to make changes in the os, file system access, and easy connectivity is great at cheaper prices.
  9. parthm

    msi boss on intel shortages

    sorry if im doing something wrong new member here. the original article is from fudzilla link - https://fudzilla.com/news/47976-msi-s-new-boss-spills-the-beans-on-intel-shortages the article mainly talks about how intels decision to prioritize high end chips like data center chips over desktop cpus has hurt their motherboard sales. on top of that, he claims that intels decision to use 22nm chips also confused the partners. this is a direct quote from the article "We have a big portion of the AMD motherboard, which makes Intel kind of upset. But I say 'hey guys, once you solve the supply issue, let's figure out how we can get back your share.'" this makes me wonder if partners prefer intel over amd for some reason? if yes then what or why? if amd is not able to hurt intel now then will any company ever will? the competition has definitely benefited the consumer after all.
  10. I'm a student and i have a project to develop a website that is responsive, dynamic and should fulfill the following include web mashup /rest api payment gateway backend database connectivity host it locally on my pc admin page separate from user where you can make changes I know the basics of html,js,css. I can only use free software I have used visual studio before, however, I want to know what's currently used that I can study. the only restriction is that the solution should not cost me and should be completed relatively quickly. i keep hearing about stuff like ruby,angular and other softwares/python. can anyone guide me to a solution or an overall idea on how to develop,the languages that can be used,softwares and the deployment process any help is highly appreciated and thanks in advance.
  11. great reply but id like to add some stuff here. in the current scenario its better to buy a budget device with maybe an android one program like mi a2 and replace it afterwards. the point you mentioned is exactly why i dont like the us model.i have restrictions due to my carrier and also the carrier deals arent that great(talking about data plans). agreed as long as people keep buying expensive phones theyll increase the prices but there has to be a saturation point for the general consumer! spendin 1000 plus dollars on a phone that adds nothing special(touchid>faceid) is almost ridiculous. youre wrong about bugdget getting features late.if you see the current trend its the mid range devices which innovate and once when its perfected it comes to flagships.le removed the headphone jack first,the pop up camera phones werent exactly flagships,the bezeless trend started with mi mix which again not a flagship grade phone. i talked about honor play because it basically has every flagship feature youd want good screen to body,face unlock,ai trickery,flagship performance,current android version,fast storage,headphone jack,etc. ill tell you what i mean by htc being stupid.almost always htc releases a phone at suppose 40000 rs,within 2 months the price goes down by 4000 rs.it always happens and its value drops down so fast its crazy.
  12. just wanted to hear some thoughts on this.i think the flagship phones are not at all justified now *cough apple *cough. lets see what im talking about consider the honor play smartphone which costs 20000 rs or 287 usd antutu score around 208xxx and it competes with one plus but is much cheaper. how can one justify prices passing 1000 usd is beyond me. the budget trend is much more in countries like India where im from. Do you think companies dont need to be aggressive with pricing over at developed regions? whats stopping them to compete in that way? i agree they make more profit with flagship but when you think about companies like htc you start to think why dont they change their strategies or atleast be a little more aggressive? Also the carrier model would affect it, im assuming since here generally you buy both the plans and phones seperately. talking about carriers the prices there seem to be very high. in india you can get a 4g connection at 5.72usd for 3 months with 1.5gb per day which is like 126gb +unlimited calls +100 sms/day +some streaming services +64kbps after 1.5gb use.
  13. I get that.i am not asking for the impossible.i was wondering maybe there's a light weight option or a trick to avoid slowing down Windows that maybe I don't know about
  14. I'm pretty sure SQL and jave,etc will affect the performance of Windows.