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  1. The two motherboards im trying to decide between, If one has superior onboard audio than the other that may be my deal breaker. The two MOBO are: -GIGABYTE B450 I AORUS PRO WiFi -ASUS ROG Strix B450-I I am using Sennheiser 598HD, I do have an old Gen 1 Astro mixamp which I can connect with USB option only.
  2. I currently use sennheiser 598 HD with a Sound Blaster Audigy RX 7.1 Sound Card. Plugged directly. Is this an optional setup for gaming? I feel, at times, ingame audio feels somewhat muted even when raising the volume quite a bit, while friends with gaming headsets such as Astro A40's or Logitech X Pro seem to hear things more often than me, or maybe just a placebo? Another strong side is the software that gaming headsets come with. My question is if I'm primarily gaming on my PC is it worth buying a high-quality gaming headset and use my sennheiser for leisure purposes? Or is there really no difference and im overthinking..
  3. Those are the same sliders as the ones in the image I posted, just controlled from a different menu.
  4. Is there any way I can more easily adjust my volume levels? I only used between 1-10 which is the very bottom of the level
  5. Didn't know that. Ive now directly plugged my headphones into my sound card and not used thr Astro mix amp and the sound quality is amazing. Would it make sense to use 7.1 with 48Khz? versus headphones options in the software. I find the 7.1 sound to be amazing but im not sure if thats really optimal for headphones.
  6. Are there any setting which will be more optimal for gaming? When using 7.1 music sounds amazing, but im using headphones so im not sure if that is optimal or not. Headphones I am using are the Sennheiser 598's
  7. There is a faint buzzing sound while on lower volume or no sound at all. Sound cards output is optical out cable to an Astros mix amp, from the mix amp I plug my Sennhister 598's. Could the Astro mix amp be bottle-necking my audio performance? On the Sound blaster software, it is set to 48 KHz, If I set it to 96 KHz it will start making a cracking sound.
  8. Thanks! I have a very low humming sound in the background, though it won't go away even when I change the frequency.
  9. I have just installed my Sound Blaster Audigy RX 7.1. It is plugged into my Astro mixamp with an optical cable. Now from the sound blaster control panel I have absolutely no clue which settings are optimal. For example, should I set it to 7.1 or headphones? As well as digital output PCM can be either 44.1Khz or 44KHz or 96KHz. There are also settings like CMSS which can be configured. I am using Sennheiser 598 HD for gaming. Edit: Also in windows sound options > advanced you can change the format from 16-24bit & 44100Hz-96000Hz
  10. Currently in bios in says 45 (somehow thats 4.6Ghz). Should i just change it to 4.7Ghz (47) or 4.8Ghz (48) while leaving the core voltage the same? Edit: the CPU clock and Core voltage are not fixed numbers, they adjust slightly automatically.
  11. Just went into BIOS, the graph states the CPU cooler will run at 100% after exceeding somewhere between 60c. So i guess those RPM's are actually the CPU coolers max RPM (good thing).
  12. CPU fan is connected accordingly to the CPU_FAN on board. Its a H100V2 cooler. Z270-P motherboard. The CPU temp was somewhere between 65-78 during the stress test, before the test it idle at 38-42c.
  13. I recently overclocked my i5 7600k, During a stress test, naturally I'd expect fan speeds to increase, though only the chassis fans did, I took a screenshot of before the stress test (idle) and one during. Does everything look normal? Or does the CPU usually stay the same speed. Before Test During CPU stress test