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  1. once I installed the driver , open cl in gpu z has been ticked but the entire gpu slot disappeared in the FAH client I even tried to roll back to the beta it wont bring the gpu slot back
  2. im trying to fold with my old laptop but it wont fold in my gpu , I checked and my gpu is in the white list, I also checked the log and it says that I don't have the latest driver. so If anyone is aware of a driver that would work with folding@home I would truly appreciate it. I posted GPU-z and the log below thanks in advance
  3. im looking for a headset that connect to my phone while im on my pc like one of those with dual connectivity like 2.4/bluetooth or wired/bluetooth. I found the SteelSeries Arctis Pro Wireles the only thing i hate about this one it doesn't has any button gesture to answer the phone wirelessly like it should have a button where i can answer my phone through the headset i dont care if it wired or wireless, i just hate having to move to answer my phone or shove it in my ear in the middle of my gaming session
  4. after resting the CMOS it will shutdown and i will be able to turn it on using the power button but it still wont restart
  5. PS: I tried the safemode startup troubleshoot I cant use it cuz it has to restart the pc and the pc doesn't restart properly.
  6. my pc wont shutdown or restart through windows like the only thing that would happen the screen would go dark and all of the fans are spinning and if I force shut it through the power button I have to unplug the psu from the wall and press the button to discharge the rest of the power then plug it in to turn it back on and when its back on it runs smooth like nothing out of order its just only the booting process I tried 1- unhibernate through power settings 2- reinstalling windows 10 3- updating bios 4- formatting the entire pc any help would be appreciated
  7. I have EVGA Z370 Micro ATX and nzxt Kraken X31 as a cooler , 16gb ddr4 2400 mhz im currently debating between 8350k and 8400 or is it worth it to pay the extra $$$ for 8600k . I mainly only play video games and some light web browsing and like most of the video games barely use 4 cores so idk if it worth it to pay or is it going to be extra$$$ for an unnoticeable performance boost
  8. yea i have 2 gtx 690 i used to sli them and i have a 16gb ddr4 also i already have a psu , im thinking below 300$ for the cpu , i just dont want to overpay and end up bottle necking cause of my gpu
  9. I fried my cpu and motherboard on my gaming pc and was able to salvage my 2 gtx 690 so i was wondering what cpu to get without having to face any bottleneck because of my gpu, so hopfully something thats value friendly. Id rather wait till the 11 series to buy a new gpu. I play all blizzard games League of legends cs go Rainbowsix siege Thank you