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  1. OVERCLOCK TO THE MOOOOOON!! Tho, honestly, I bought another 1080 Ti and overclocked all 4 of my cards to maximum stable clock(basically, putting +1 on core would crash them all). 2x 1080 Ti 1x 1070 1x 580 8gb Also, PPD is still stabilizing, so I might hit 4M, if I start getting good WU's and stop playing CS:GO.
  2. Trust me when I say that you will not catch up this time.
  3. You can still register for contest on this thread until the date specified in first post. However, entries are closed for community folding month contest.
  4. 60C? My 1080 Ti throttles and makes first speedstep down at 47C(never experienced second as max temperature I ever had on my 1080 Ti was 57C). And 1070 makes it's first speedstep down at 55C...
  5. I'd love to pick it, but sadly, it is half a planet away from me... However, on the bright side, I got this bad boy today.
  6. Enjoy it while you can(which will be for few more days as my RX 580 was just cut off from the world(internet modem failure) and will not be reconnected until Thursday), however, when I come back, I COME HARD!
  7. You being 1 up means I am 1 down... Not funny at all, do not make me build another system only for folding...
  8. If lowering HBM2 has such a drastic effect, how much effect does lowering have on 1080 Ti? And even what memory are 1080 Ti's using? GDDR5X?
  9. 2 out of 2 Nvidia cards (1070 and 1080 Ti) picked 14180 for 4-5 times in a row now. However, my only AMD card(RX 580 8GB) strategically keeps avoid it and takes all other WU's (currently working on 14230).
  10. Yeah, was trying to figure where the "work" folder is so I searched everything on Windows and finally found it in Roaming folder. I tried putting it and it didn't recognise it. Also, changing name to 01 didn't help. Finally I decided to let one WU finish and put this one as 00 and I was greeted with "failed upload at 0.10%" and it was just repeating that, I guess someone else already submitted it or is it bugged?
  11. Did you figure out how to send it and has anyone sent it? I would help you but I really do not know where to put that file so F@H can recognize it...
  12. Actually, I think that is not true, 2060 should be doing around 0.8-1m if I am not wrong and 2070 is doing same or a little bit more than 1080 Ti.
  13. Yeah, but still... It is impossible to have such a PPD avg with only 1 GPU even if it is 1080 Ti, you have to have some other GPU's as well... Insane setup. How much did that cost?
  14. He says he is using 4x4700k and 1x9700k which should produce total of 1m... Also, his EOC says that he is producing avg 3.5m and sometimes spikes to 4.8m... Check this out: LINK
  15. Still, I really want to know how are you pulling that out... If you way you have only 1 GPU(1080Ti), where do the rest of the points come from? It just cannot be from those 5 CPU's alone...
  16. That is PPD from one of his CPU's, he forgot to quote me.
  17. That seems a little bit more real. 65k PPD is quite low tho. Your 1080 Ti should produce between 1.1 and 1.4M. So that means total of 5 of your CPU's should produce around 2.1M total. Which seems unrealistic to me. Just to make sure, this is your F@H profile, right? https://folding.extremeoverclocking.com/user_summary.php?s=&u=830474
  18. That seems a bit low, did you mean 633k? Please do check and return with some numbers when you can. I am really interested.
  19. 3.5M 7days average with 5 CPU's and 1 GPU? God damn it... That is nice.... Are they overclocked? How much PPD does each CPU produce?
  20. Getting shout-out on WAN show is good. But imagine getting shout-out on LTT's next video or Techquickie or even TechLinked... That would surely bring a lot more folders. As far as I remember, we did get one article on TechLinked during August or early September, but one more would mean a lot I think especially a few days before event. And it would also be a reminder for those that do not use forum but want to help.
  21. I have two questions. First, why does https://folding.extremeoverclocking.com not like VPN? Second, is there any difference in PPD for 1080 Ti with different client-type options? As far as I know bigadv should be discontinued but what about advanced or any other that I do not know of?
  22. I am using Aorus 1080 Ti on water cooling and I haven't touched Nvidia Inspector nor Nvidia Profile Inspector and I only use MSI Afterburner to overclock and monitor. I am running +250 MHz and it reports 5258MHz while running at 58 Celsius for WU 13815. Aorus Engine is quite buggy for me but I do know that it always used to display 2x effective clock for my 1080 Ti.