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  1. Pause command should just pause WUs like on windows. Finish command is what he is looking for I think. But yeah, "FAHClient --send-command help" or "./FAHClient --help" (as you noted) will give him a lot of useful info.
  2. I am not sure but I think the command was "FAHClient --send-command finish all". However, that will just finish all the WUs but server will keep running, and I am not sure but I think they will still bill you if server is online, on GCP. Tho, if you are talking about cherry servers, then yeah, you can just use that command.
  3. You gotta use imagination. It is an invisible quantum GPU!
  4. It's a last day and there is quite a big difference in points for them to be able to beat you. I think you are safe.
  5. I've been here for over a year almost constantly. I am not planning on stopping. But PPD will drop SIGNIFICANTLY after the event ends. However, my new goal is to hit top10 in team overall score (hopefully until end of the next year). Which would require 1 BILLION points. Which is a nice goal.
  6. I am sorry for a big post but I had to compile them all for my instagram post. Tho check this JUMP!
  7. Thank you very much sir! Tho, it looks like you made a spoiler in a spoiler (at least on the phone it looks like that). But still, thanks for doing this stuff with everything going on! You are a real champ!
  8. @Gorgon It's not that I am hurrying you or anything... But I really really need to know if I hit top10.
  9. Ummm, could you open a spoiler and search your name via "CTRL+F"? I found you in like 2 seconds at place 102: However about you Shock, I am really not sure, you will have to check with someone. Ask about your problem in main thread for this folding month. You might have misspelled something or maybe you did not sign on time. Or maybe they just lost your entry for logs somewhere. Anything can be possible. Just check with them.
  10. Do you use the same username for folding as your forum username? And have you signed up before the event?
  11. Yes, precisely since the event started October, 1st (00:00 BST) until the date and time this blog post was made.
  12. Check the date this post has been made.
  13. Yeah, that is for sure. Three of mine have already been flagged after using them more than 2 times for different accounts (so 6 accounts total). As long as they are working I am happy.
  14. It's showing a bunch of clocks, you can read them in spoiler. I guess it is running at 1530?
  15. Happened to me as well on one account. But it happened only after I added same credit card to three accounts in same day. Learned my lesson and started making pauses with GCP account creation and shuffled a few different credit cards. Also making different accounts under same name could have caused that as well, so try to avoid doing that.
  16. Hahahah, I know... It triggers a lot of people, but I am just way too attached to history of this username, cannot force myself to stop using it. Thanks for that. I will try it as soon as I turn on the laptop again (currently in hospital so I cannot use it that much and I am away from my main machine which is good for PPD I guess, but I miss it ). And with what command would I be able to change clocks? And should I even try overclocking them? As I am not sure how I would check instability, since I only use "tail" command to check last few lines of logs.
  17. Well, I would love to judge based on EOC, but I am currently running: 2x1080Ti, 1070, RX 580, R9 380x, 3xGCP(soon to be forth) but in total of 4xV100(adding 4 more V100 in 4th VM) and 4xP100 and finally 2x1080(on cherry). So my PPD kinda fluctuates a lot right now...
  18. I am just quoting what "FAHClient --send-command ppd" command reports to me. I am not really sure about exact numbers as I am using way too many systems currently so I cannot check exact numbers from EOC for example. I might do the calculations after the event so we have exact numbers for next year.
  19. Yeah, I know, I've made alarms for every VM expected to hit 0 free credit. Also, I've already went over the free credit a few times... But it is not that high. Gonna have to pay around 20-30$. You are asking too much mate... I am not that good with Ubuntu. However, expected PPD for 2 of V100 is reported as 4,778,139. So around 2.35M would be one V100. I have no idea where to check clocks nor GPU fan speed as it is not reported in "nvidia-smi" command. They are in P0 state as far as I know. Pulling around 200W per each V100.
  20. Woah, I got a mention... NOICE! I am aiming high but I am truly not sure if I am going to achieve top 10.
  21. So much energy and hope... I like it! However, I do not think that most people will keep the pace. I will probably turn off all the cherry servers and GCP and disable folding on my main rig(1080Ti), however I will keep folding on RX 580 8gb, GTX 1070 and GTX 1080 Ti(in second rig) indefinitely.
  22. I just tried to make a new account at GCP and request the quotas increase. However, "Compute Engine API GPUs (all Regions)" are not showing at all. Can anyone confirm this? As it is entirely possible that they removed this feature for me (due to a new account) or maybe even entirely. However, on old accounts which are already actively folding there is still the option for "Compute Engine API GPUs (all Regions)" available.
  23. Was aiming for rank 69, WU count of 2000 and Total Points of 200M but I guess it was impossible all in one...