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  1. My results: 1080Ti Watercooled Stock settings: 4:10 per WU and 260W Full overclock: 3:40 per WU and 350W 1080Ti 3 slot cooler: Stock settings: 4:00 per WU and 250W Full overclock: 3:30 per WU and 300W I guess my Aorus watercooled card really lost silicon lottery...
  2. Oh, I have 186 error ones but those are mostly due to my stupidity while setting up BOINC and aborting "some units"... I'll keep an eye there to see if any are getting errors. Also, I tried this on my other 1080Ti which was not fully utilized (kept using 50-70% on collatz) and now it is pegging it to 100%, however for some reason the CC dropped from 2063 to 1949 on that card. Suprisingly, this card is doing collatz WUs in 3:20-3:40... Even better than my watercooled 1080 Ti. Mine (watercooled one) now tops at 68 C while it was going up to 63 before. Will have to try editing some things in .config to see how it affects performance. But I am not sure how much overclock should I run now...
  3. Holy moly... From 8:00-8:30 down to 3:40. That's insane! How is this possible? Tho, I noticed that my GPU is no longer only voltage limited... Now it is fighting between voltage and power limit and it is pegging GPU usage to 100% while it was 90-95% before tweaking. Also, CC is jumping around like crazy from 2000 to 2050, now it reminds me of AMD cards... How safe is this even and where can I check if there are any errors? Event Log from Ctrl+Shift+E is not giving any info other then download/upload/finishes. Aorus 1080 Ti on EKWB waterblock.
  4. @Ithanul You are using 1080 Ti? Are these options currently best for you: Also, where is that .config file? I found this one: collatz_sieve_1.30_windows_x86_64__opencl_nvidia_gpu.config at this location: C:\ProgramData\BOINC\projects\boinc.thesonntags.com_collatz but when I open it with notepad it is empty. Is that the one and should it be empty by default?
  5. No idea about actual power usage, but HWiNFO reports up to 320W. For Collatz Sieve 1.30 (opencl) WUs it takes exactly 8 minutes.
  6. This is on water cooling while doing Collatz: I sometimes put CC to +75 and MC to +250/300 but usually this is enough, and it hits around 130% of PL and Voltage is main limiter. Also, it hits around 2050 CC on current settings (like on picture), however, Core Clock step down happens at 47 C so it drops to 2012 while working for a few hours.
  7. Yeah, I am no expert here. After 48h all points should have already been updated. So I have no more ideas. Good luck with guide! Looking forward to it if you ever figure it out (which I think you probably will). You might be better off just trying it with bigger projects or the ones that will be in pentathlon (which is probably when I would consider using cloud computing for BOINC), from this link it looks like those will be: these were for 2019: OpenZika from World Community Grid NFS@Home yoyo@home Einstein@Home LHC@home For 2020, I guess they will change?
  8. I like AMD as well, but when it comes to best GPU available... Nvidia nails it and that is why I always went with them. Oh, you shouldn't be asking me for suggestions, however @Ithanul might have knowledge that could help you. Have you tried clicking on Einstein project in projects tab and then on "Update" button? That seems to work when I have a bunch of tasks lined up. However, if they have been uploaded and they are pending on website, that might be due to them using quorum 2 (and I am only guessing here, I am not sure how and what they use), so your WUs might be waiting for their sister WUs to finish (and someone with a much slower system may be doing them so that might be a reason for slow credit validation. Also, I tend to check my credit every 24h because not every project updates them instantly as far as I noticed. However, I may be totally wrong... Also, I would be interested in cloud BOINC but even F@H was a bit of trouble for me. And for BOINC it looks like an impossible task for me, even with guide. But if you achieve it, I would be keen on reading and trying it.
  9. 4. Alright, I'll avoid aborting WUs here as well. 5. It seems that is not a constant problem, today the projects are uploading as soon as they finish. Maybe there they are waiting for sister projects to finish as well so they upload together (that is my best guess why I could've had so much lined up for upload). Yeah, that is basically the conclusion I have reached. Collatz for some reason is giving way too much. However, I only have GPU pointed towards it. I'll try to find a better suited CPU project. Also, after I get badge here on LTT forum I'll leave Collatz as it looks like it has way too much computing power and I am keep on helping some smaller, less known projects. Or some other more useful projects as you mentioned: health/climate. I think I will go for GPUGrid.net with my GPUs and probably Rosetta@home with my CPUs.
  10. Thank you for all the information and clarification. 4. What about abort option? Can that mess up my points or something? I know that dropping WU's in folding is not so great idea. What about here? Is it project by project rule or is there no rule about aborting projects? 5. Collatz is the one that usually piles up completed WU's. Probably because they are fast (6-8 minutes per each). GPUGRID usually uploads as soon as it completes it's huge WU (which takes about 4 hours).
  11. @Ithanul Firstly, thank you very much for making this thread so fast, it means a lot and I already have a few questions lined up so here we go: 1. Why is there such a difference in points between some projects, for example my 1080 Ti (by my calculation) earns around 5M PPD on Collatz, however on GPUGRID it earns around 1-2M. 2. Do all the points from all projects count toward the badges (here on LTT forum) the same? Or is there like some multiplier for lower points projects like GPUGRID in my example. 3. What are best combinations of projects? So that I can utilize both my 1080 Ti and i7 8700k? 3. How exactly are points calculated for projects (I know there are some formulas available in guides but I really do not understand them), is it same like for Folding, where they give more points for faster finishing or is it fixed somehow? 4. I've seen up to 10 tasks in my BOINC Manager lined up for upload at 100%, possibly waiting for trigger (which I guess is every hour or less?), but when I click "Update" on Projects tab, it instantly uploads them. Is there a way to change that option so they upload as soon as they finish or at least check more often? This question is tied to 3rd one, as I do not know if time is of the essence here (in BOINC) like in Folding. 5. I've seen a loooooot of projects available and I would love to help in all, but as that can be difficult, I would love to help in some smaller projects where there is not a lot of people helping while that project actually provides something useful (I've found a list of all projects with their goals-which is quite helpful). Where can I check which projects have the least people and computing power? 6. Are there any event badges here like for folding?
  12. Yo @Ithanul, it would be great if you could make one .
  13. Is there a BOINC community board like for Folding? - I cannot seem to find it. I have some questions that I would like to ask.
  14. Yeah, I remember reading something like this. Thanks!
  15. I know that there was answer to this question somewhere in this thread but I cannot seem to find it... For these F@H event badges, what are requirements? Newbie is one event, but what about Veteran and Fanatic? Also, is there any BOINC official thread where I could ask some questions?
  16. Yeah, well, they ain't fighting good enough. In 3 hour window we got ~ 40,000,000 more than them. And we only need 24,957,741 until we overtake them.
  17. Tho guys, in next update (in exactly 2 hours and 52 minutes from the moment of posting this), we will be rank 8 as we are gonna pass [H]ardOCP in around 2 hours. So congratulations everyone!
  18. Use "FAHClient --send-command help", you should find the command there. If you cannot find it. Just reboot the VM, that should start folding again I think. Also, after every command, use "tail /var/lib/fahclient/log.txt" just to be sure that command was registered.
  19. After you give the command you can type "tail /var/lib/fahclient/log.txt" that should give you an info if they are all finishing. Also, if that is cherry, be careful that your top up is not set up. And if it is GCP (which I think it is not as that looks like powershell) you will have to disable billing and delete the VM to stop them from billing you extra.
  20. I am not sure how you consider BOINC more user friendly but okay... This might be just me but for folding I basically learned all the basic and advanced stuff in a month or two. But for BOINC... I got stuck pretty fast and couldn't even get my cpu or gpu to do anything there. As I said, it might be just me, but BOINC client reallllly isn't that user-friendly. In December, I will have to find some solid guide (I used BOINC's guide for the first time and it didn't quite work out as I pointed) for it so I can set it up properly.