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  1. I do not think you can earn anything worthy with those CPUs but I might be wrong. However, mining on GCP is forbidden in their ToS.
  2. I am not sure where can I find Device Statistics but I found my PC via this link: https://www.boincstats.com/stats/15/host/list/0/0/1093598 Still... I am not sure when did he manage to get the WU and complete it for 95.2 credit but okay...
  3. Interesting, it looks like it actually slipped by... However, I have no idea which machine did it. Will have to find out.
  4. Oh God... I totally forgot it is WCG and not collatz... My GPU is crunching but CPU is idling. Actually, I just added WCG to my BOINC manager 4 days ago but I haven't done a single WU for it... No idea why I got that email and notification.
  5. Hardly possible. I stopped using CPU on BOINC almost a week ago. Yeah, that could be it...
  6. 13-Nov-19 00:00:00 Also, I got the same email.
  7. Yeah, I am actually new, started not even a month ago. What does it actually mean? I completed "the first task" way before today. However, I am not sure what they mean by "Research task".
  8. Has this been sent to everyone or just me?
  9. Yeah, my bad, PCGH it was. What are those sprints tho?
  10. You could be right. But I haven't seen one for quite some time. Although, I think someone (probably @GOTSpectrum) mentioned that that there is gonna be an event in collaboration with [H]ardOCP but I am not 100% sure about that either.
  11. Welcome aboard! Usually yeah, once a year in October/November.
  12. Yeah, it's back. Also, I let my 1080 Ti rest a bit while collatz was down. Tho 1070 had them pilled up for at least a day of work...
  13. Well yeah, ambient helps but it's still a monster of overclocker hahha, hell no. I have 1070 and that 1080 Ti 24/7 and one 1080 Ti in main rig is going on and off through the day, about 6-7hours daily crunching Yeah, noticed as well.
  14. Well, it was folding for 20 days during the folding month with no errors/bad WUs.
  15. Ah, sorry. Forgot to mention. I use 90% only while doing collatz as it pulls around 100W less than when it is max overclocked and adds maybe 5-10 seconds per WU so this is a sweet spot for it. While folding however, I just put everything to maximum and that is when it achieves 2063 Core Clock. 120% is maximum PL. Also, this GPU is sitting in open case in relatively cold place (CNC machines are located there but they are currently not working so ambient temperature is between 15C and 25C, but usually closer to 15C) and one corsair fan is sitting on top of the card and pulling out hot air. I'll try to make some photos tomorrow morning. And yeah, that is truly one golden card there... My watercooled Aorus 1080 Ti is nowhere near that level of OC... Maximum I can put on it is +60 which yields around 2025-2050CC but it pulls around 150W more than usual.
  16. GTX 1080 Ti Gigabyte 11GB Gaming, cost me 350 euro and here you can see my current settings: Max CC was 2063 while folding.
  17. Hahaha, do not worry. 80% of my computing power is currently on BOINC, soon to be returned to folding after cleaning and reshuffling some systems components. Yeah, but my current rank is not too far for you.
  18. And here I thought you and @TVwazhere would be my competition... Guess I'll have to go to top 10 alone.
  19. I figured it would act like that since it is power limited all the way until 130PL, after that it is voltage limited. Didn't try moving CC above my usual as I like them here. Mine on 70% drops CC way too low to be viable.
  20. I will lose approximately 1.2M (10% loss in PPD) (11.76M is maximum and 10.56M is with current settings) per day but I will save 0.5$ per day (38% saving).
  21. Also, looks like I found a sweet spot for my 1080 Ti while crunching on collatz Adding every 20% of Power Limit, adds about 50W to power usage. 1. 150 PL - 360W PU - WUs of 3:40 2. 110 PL - 275W PU - WUs of 3:55 2. 100 PL - 250W PU - WUs of 4:00 3. 95 PL - 230W PU - WUs of 4:05 3. 90 PL - 220W PU - WUs of 4:10 3. 85 PL - 210W PU - WUs of 4:15 4. 80 PL - 200W PU - WUs of 4:20 5. 75 PL - 190 W PU - WUs of 4:30
  22. Well, AMD is not same as Nvidia, and Memory OC for AMD helps in Folding as far as I know. But I am not sure for BOINC. Also, I have only used AMD GPUs that are from GCN 1.0 architecture up to GCN 1.3. I've never had experience with GCN 1.4 (Vega and above).
  23. I OC everything. Memory is always +200 on my 1080 Ti. Gaming/Folding/BOINC. However, I do not think that it helps that much for Folding and BOINC. For gaming I can push it to around +500/750 for less memory intense games and for Folding and BOINC, I think it worked fine even on +1000. So I just pulled it back to avoid crashes/artifacts and it is a fine clock overall.
  24. I am not sure why and how, but threads=7 seem to work better than threads=8 for my 1080 Ti as it finishes WUs around 10-20 seconds faster. Threads=6 however is same as threads=7, and as usual threads=9 crashes WUs instantly. And any less than threads=6 is BAD (timewise). lut_size=16 is bad lut_size=17 is better lut_size=18 is best lut_size=19 is awful lut_size=20 do not even try this on 1080 Ti sieve_size=25 destroys my ears due to coil whine and it is bad timewise sieve_size=28 is good sieve_size=29 is almost same as 30 sieve_size=30 is best Anything above 30 is instant crash Other settings do not seem to affect speed.
  25. No idea, I bought that other 1080Ti only for folding month... It came without box and it cost me 350 euro. I'll have to check tomorrow as it is in remote location near my ASICs.