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  1. Now however, client decided to try this server "a few more times"(5) after finally ignoring it and moved to from which it downloaded the WU instantly. I might actually consider blocking some IP's... P.S. sorry for posting everything separately, as I said, I am on the phone and it is kinda hard to edit here.
  2. Holy molly... Same here. I cannot even get my 1080 Ti to download a WU. After a few tries even from different servers: Which all work when you try and connect to them over web browser. Also, same servers send the WU to CPU and it downloads instantly. I am not home now so I do not even want to bother reinstalling whole F@H application over TeamViewer on phone...
  3. Well, I do not know if we can get in trouble in our country. But if we can... I am in big trouble . I'll try to contact them and see if we as business (I did not fake a business as I already have one and all the information I gave was correct) can actually use their GPU's computing services as a way to donate to folding at home. However, it might not be a problem as long as I pay for it. But using multiple accounts and only using free credit is probably not allowed...
  4. Same here... Even though, I haven't had stuck download for a few months until today in the morning(one at 5AM and one at 7AM GMT+2) rx580 and 1080 Ti got stuck. Tried deleting slot and adding it back but that just kept the stuck slot and I even tried quitting FaH client(after pressing quit, usually advanced control goes offline and loses all info, but in this case it just stood there like client was operating) and launching it again, but nothing happened, it didn't launch at all (was using TeamViewer over the phone so I did not try finding tasks in task manager to disable them. That might have worked.) The only solution was to delete slots and restart.
  5. Some WU's are better for some cards and some are worse. It's highly specific and unique. You shouldn't worry about that stuff too much. Also, you cannot change your WU's/PCRG's unless you dump it which is not recommended unless your client is stuck in some way.
  6. Just check HERE. As long as your daily production is not 0 you can count that day. There is Daily Production sheet(at the bottom of page) which keeps logs for last 12 days. However, you can check daily graph too, as long as the "pointer"(little square for every day) is not at bottom you can count that day.
  7. Once again, thank you for providing useful info. Tho, if IBM is out of picture, what about Azure/Oracle/Amazon? IBM was not user friendly anyway for begginers. Azure is a little bit easier than IBM but I cannot seem to be able to ssh/rdp into the VM I made there.
  8. @Metallus97 Thank you a lot for sharing this info with everyone and thank you for such a thorough guide. Tho, I have a few questions. 1. My P100 keeps sitting between 79-95%, is that normal or should I disable CPU folding (as usually it is not profitable on normal PC's, however, IDK what they use here and how it affects GPU's performance if it is pegged to 100%) 2. When I type "top", it gives me some sort of task manager, but how do I leave it? (Never mind, found it in help, it is "q" if anyone has this problem too) 3. Has anyone made calculation which one is better: 1 GPU and one cheaper CPU as you recommend or more GPUs and a better CPU? Also do you know PPD of K80? 4. Would you consider writing a guide for IBM Cloud? I seem a bit lost there... 5. Do these other providers(Amazon, Ms Azure, Oracle Cloud) have free credit? 6. How do I stop folding when I hit 300$ free limit? Do I just delete whole VM instance?
  9. @LinusTech What happened to Swacket? I haven't seen it on the lttstore for quite some time. Is it ever coming back?
  10. Good luck! I found 1080 Ti used for 380 EUR. Which is CHEAP here...
  11. OVERCLOCK TO THE MOOOOOON!! Tho, honestly, I bought another 1080 Ti and overclocked all 4 of my cards to maximum stable clock(basically, putting +1 on core would crash them all). 2x 1080 Ti 1x 1070 1x 580 8gb Also, PPD is still stabilizing, so I might hit 4M, if I start getting good WU's and stop playing CS:GO.
  12. Trust me when I say that you will not catch up this time.
  13. You can still register for contest on this thread until the date specified in first post. However, entries are closed for community folding month contest.
  14. 60C? My 1080 Ti throttles and makes first speedstep down at 47C(never experienced second as max temperature I ever had on my 1080 Ti was 57C). And 1070 makes it's first speedstep down at 55C...
  15. I'd love to pick it, but sadly, it is half a planet away from me... However, on the bright side, I got this bad boy today.
  16. Enjoy it while you can(which will be for few more days as my RX 580 was just cut off from the world(internet modem failure) and will not be reconnected until Thursday), however, when I come back, I COME HARD!
  17. You being 1 up means I am 1 down... Not funny at all, do not make me build another system only for folding...
  18. If lowering HBM2 has such a drastic effect, how much effect does lowering have on 1080 Ti? And even what memory are 1080 Ti's using? GDDR5X?
  19. 2 out of 2 Nvidia cards (1070 and 1080 Ti) picked 14180 for 4-5 times in a row now. However, my only AMD card(RX 580 8GB) strategically keeps avoid it and takes all other WU's (currently working on 14230).
  20. Yeah, was trying to figure where the "work" folder is so I searched everything on Windows and finally found it in Roaming folder. I tried putting it and it didn't recognise it. Also, changing name to 01 didn't help. Finally I decided to let one WU finish and put this one as 00 and I was greeted with "failed upload at 0.10%" and it was just repeating that, I guess someone else already submitted it or is it bugged?