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  1. But it is Good and respectable it is Better than the SD 660 (or 636) Found is latest Xioami Redimi series.
  2. Well me too I don't care about it too. since also in my country no one uses it. The other person @TheNuzziNuzz was saying something about it
  3. Also if the camera is the main focus for you get the Samsung Galaxy A7. For $350 it also has NFC, It has freaking 3 camera with decent quality. it comes with decent SD 710 I mean good for most work.
  4. Really? Ok, most budget phones I have seen (average $300) do not have it. Meanwhile Samsung phones have it. The Galaxy A7 has it
  5. NFC... well. Ok, that is a tough one to find it in a budget smartphone.
  6. Thanks dude But is there a way to add or replace another icon on that file, but the path will be leading to Google drive?
  7. Well for $210 less, you lose the In display Fingerprint sensor. The water drop notch than a big one (it can be toggled off). You lose the Glass back. The f1 is made out of Plastic but you can put a sort of skin or case to make it feel premium. Stock Android. Miui will be filled with bloatware and ADS. But hey all of those ads can be turned off in individual Apps settings. And it is Android you can simply delete those Bloatware Apps. Otherwise. Not much
  8. The fingerprint sensor is at the back though. Notch is a but huge but it can be toggled off in settings. The base model comes with... 64GB storage 4GB Ram. Huawei's current Flagship Kirin 970 (A bit slower than an SD 845 but faster than SD 835) Main:16 MP, f/2.2, PDAFSecond:2 MP, f/2.4, depth sensor It comes with Android 8.1 oreo but it will get Android P soon. It runs EMUI, In my experience it is good. The best thing I like about it is the regular security patches it gets every month! with optimization and some extra features and bug fixes every month!!
  9. Well i mean, I simply want to personalise and make my explorer look clean
  10. Get the Honor Play. For $300 it is an amazing deal !! A screen is LCD than Oled.
  11. How can I replace that OneDrive icon (including the path, cloud activities and everything) with Google drive? I don't use Onedrive. I want to edit that shortcut to lead through My Google drive folder instead of Onedrive, but anyone knows how to do it? I can't find any possible solution through the options in Windows explorer maybe we could use registry or something? Help would really be appreciated
  12. Well just refreshed my windows and updates security options, it says update available gonna try and see if it works, Yea that's my guess, Your system has an alone hard drive, with many files being loaded? that might be the case and some networking issues too i guess, I even own an SSD though still mine is refreshing, again just gonna try to update my windows
  13. Dude, exactly same. I was gonna make another post/thread until i came across this, I'm experiencing the same issues.. In the desktop, when i right-click it loads for freaking like 2 mins..... I even recorded it. please help me to fix it.
  14. yes I know it's my choice, but just think that you are in this situation, what would you prefer, very smooth non tearing screen with support and warranty but average power and performance?, or supper high end power to run any game at ultra and most games 100fps +? I just want the best value and experience for my money.