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  1. OppositeCube

    Honor 10? or Galaxy Note FE?

    By "Brand New" I mean actually brand new products unlike used. Not talking about how newly they were launched or something Note Fe will get the Android Pie. Very likely to after many huge leaks. But, yeah I think it will be the last Update 3 years for updates by Samsung are dope though. Thanks for your suggestions I was thinking to get Honor 10 too. The Note FE does have very good and Vibrant AMOLED screen and S-pen (which im not sure I would use) My friends Note FE did felt very premium at my hands. But Now I prefer The good changing looks in Honor 10 and the placement of the Cameras. In White Friday sale at my country (Just say it is exactly as Black Friday) Note FE is going for around $290!!! And Honor 10 for $305 Soo Xiaomi Mi 8 is like $400. Like $100 more and is not much different from Honor 10. Oneplus 6 in my country is $600. I'm currently not on getting from other sites. Not sure how is the customer support of gear best. Farwell, I think I would get the Honor 10 then Thanks for the help
  2. OppositeCube

    Good Gtx 1070 price? USD

    Ok lol. Go for a gtx1070ti then.
  3. OppositeCube

    Good Gtx 1070 price? USD

    I would very highly recommend you the used market right now. It is GORGEOUS!! A freaking 1070 for $250!!
  4. OppositeCube

    Honor 10? or Galaxy Note FE?

    sorry for replying you late. But I would ask you what would you pick personally?
  5. OppositeCube

    I need a pc build for 650$ no pheripherals 1080p med/high

    wow. That is the Perfect Build! @jsonschema Just Go with this if you are Into new Parts!. If you are Into the used Market you can get a Gtx 1070 or a 980ti for $200 at ebay. They are very Good for 1080p 144fps gaming in sports titles like Overwatch. But RX580 is good too for many Games at 1080 144ps like Csgo but It can also run games at 1440p 60fps!. In almost every Game. In non- competitive like Grand Theft Auto 5 (GTA 5) I would go for 1440p. Edit: Hm. The case in this list does not have a Front panel. You have like $20 dollars left and if you just spend $10 more You can get a Good sexier a white NZXT H500 for $67 https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07C3SQP9V/ref=twister_B07F4G24W3?_encoding=UTF8&th=1 In total $665. For $15 more you can get a sexier look.
  6. OppositeCube

    I need a pc build for 650$ no pheripherals 1080p med/high

    I mean It is an Rx 570. Should go with a Different RAM and Mobo to get a RX580
  7. OppositeCube

    Honor 10? or Galaxy Note FE?

    Hey Guys In my country I can get a Full Brand New Honor 10 for $320 but at a different store I saw I can also get a Brand New Galaxy Note FE for $346 Honor 10 has better Chipset and Better AI Camera. With a very Unquie and good looking Back. Galaxy Note FE will get Updates and feels Premium and also has the S-pen. And I find One Ui (That will come in the Note FE) to be Looking Good. And it is ip 68 while Honor to be ip 67. But in conclusion, what would you guys pick?
  8. OppositeCube

    I need a pc build for 650$ no pheripherals 1080p med/high

    Bro That is a very good one. But I bet they include mail-in rebates right?
  9. OppositeCube

    I need a pc build for 650$ no pheripherals 1080p med/high

    You want to go to the used market or new? Are you ok with used parts or new parts? I have a Good list for all of them.
  10. But it is Good and respectable it is Better than the SD 660 (or 636) Found is latest Xioami Redimi series.
  11. Well me too I don't care about it too. since also in my country no one uses it. The other person @TheNuzziNuzz was saying something about it
  12. Also if the camera is the main focus for you get the Samsung Galaxy A7. For $350 it also has NFC, It has freaking 3 camera with decent quality. it comes with decent SD 710 I mean good for most work.
  13. Really? Ok, most budget phones I have seen (average $300) do not have it. Meanwhile Samsung phones have it. The Galaxy A7 has it
  14. NFC... well. Ok, that is a tough one to find it in a budget smartphone.
  15. Thanks dude But is there a way to add or replace another icon on that file, but the path will be leading to Google drive?