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  1. Amazon offered free international shipping for it when I ordered it after the first price cut. And you pay import taxes regardless of buying it at some store in Germany or through Amazon, it's in the price. The € is also worth more than the $, I did the math and it was cheaper ordering it from the US through Amazon than buying it from anywhere else. During purchase Amazon already includes the import taxes during checkout, meaning you won't pay extra once it reaches the hands of custom.
  2. I ordered mine from the US through Amazon, you could also had bought it through their website.
  3. I'm posting from an Essential Phone right now, loved it at release and still do, the screen real estate game for its time was real. Shame it didn't work out, very clean OS with no extra software, elegant design and very fast hardware. Guess I'll play around with their open source now.
  4. I would really appreciate a video about Low Latency Earbuds. Been shopping lately for one, and god damn is the market flooded with Earbuds claiming to be Low Latency yet they're not. There are a couple APTX-LL capable earbuds in the market, but not many, some of them even being unreasonably expensive...Sennheiser is selling one for over $200! https://en-us.sennheiser.com/truewireless-details Has been a pain finding anything decent that supports that codec, just want something comfy to use for watching media on the couch with almost no noticeable latency and only APTX-LL can deliver that. Many even claim to be Low Latency, which is false, at most they just have lower latency than whatever other product with high latency... Many are even just the first generation of APTX, not even APTX HD which is lower latency (but still noticeable). My Sony WH-1000XM3 are APTX HD, the latency is incredibly low on it in comparison to other Bluetooth products, but still noticeable, mostly on stuff that requires your focus to be noticed like Lip-flaps. But aside from that APTX HD is pretty damn good for media consumption, doesn't come even near to APTX-LL though. Would be cool to have an extensive LTT video about earbuds or even Bluetooth Codecs in general, I was pretty critical about the last BT Headphone video because only Noise Canceling and Comfort were addressed, yet at least IMO the most important feature is the codec, aka, audio quality and latency. For this review you will need a device that supports transmitting APTX, APTX HD or APTX LL, for my personal rig I for example use the following product to transmit sound over Bluetooth: https://avantree.com/oasis-bluetooth-transmitter-receiver The practicality of doing this instead of buying WiFi headphones (if you don't care about the mic), is being able to buy whatever headphones you want, and you can take them with you for traveling to pair with whatever other device you want, meanwhile with WiFi headphones you're forced to take a dongle with you which only works on certain devices.
  5. If the performance upgrade from a 4790k is justified, I'll be getting whatever 16 core Ryzen 4xxx. And if by 2021-2022 whatever Ryzen gets released with DDR5 support that runs stable, outshines Ryzen 4xxx, then I'll get that too while turning the previous upgrade into a dedicated server. Both my main rig and my server needs to be replaced soon, so that upgrade cycle works out for me.
  6. Can't wait to turn my current 4790k rig into dedicated server for random games while investing hard into Zen 3 in 2020. Thank you AMD, you made PC Building exciting again, due to all the releases I keep telling myself to wait for another year. As to Intel, you reap it for sitting on your ass for so long, monopolies in conjunction with complacency is a bitch.
  7. Rule of thumb is, if it sounds too good to be true, then it is.
  8. Never seen a flagship product become obsolete this fast before.
  9. Yes, memory in German is Speicher, Speicher is used for both memory and storage.
  10. Well WPF has been ready since 2006, UWP was supposedly the successor to WPF but fell flat on the ground when it came to adoption.
  11. UWP? Didn't Microsoft Unofficially say in a Blog post and some minor interviews that they're giving up on that and instead work on perfecting WPF while also porting it to .NET Core?
  12. Now to make YouTube Premium cheaper, I'm not paying $10+/month just to be able to listen to videos in the background while I'm commuting. Hiding this feature behind a paywall is ridiculous...
  13. I don't get why people keep calling Social Engineering "hack" or "hacking"... Next thing I know, impersonating someone else's voice to wire me money is a hack too...
  14. My recent infatuation with MiniDiva's content in PornHub is sure to please these researchers.