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  1. If mods think I should remove it, please edit accordingly, I don't think it breaks any rules but I'm in no way affiliated with the extension and neither did I want to make myself seem to be.
  2. Since the adpocalypse a lot of channels started embracing ads in their content, as in what LTT does too, giving a shout-out to a product or service. But yesterday I was surprised to find out that there is actually an extension that outright skips the ad-plug portion of any video you're currently watching, given someone else that also owns said extension marked the timestamp of when that plug starts and ends. Not going to name the extension as it would be classified as promoting it, but I tried it, and works seamlessly. So far all the recent releases from LTT, GN and other tech channels I follow have timestamps registered on their videos where the extension just outright jumps ahead to when the ad stops: * GN Video, brown portion is the Sponsored Content So what now? I can see the huge potential in this, it will definitely blow up, just like the original AdBlock did back in the late 2000s, what's going to be the next best way to monetize content since this is going to be a huge blow for all channels once it actually gets big. I wonder if Google will remove this from their Chrome Store, considering it doesn't affect them directly most likely not, still affects them, since if content creators don't get monetized they don't really have a reason to keep making content. So what do you guys think?
  3. Well, it's good for archiving, so I'm happy on that end. But I'll be angry either way because it will be marketed as a daily driver for consumers, just like Samsungs QVO lineup. -"But...but...it's an SSD, why isn't it faster??!!" Can't wait to have this discussion again...
  4. I suspected someone was going to bring Via Verde up, you still pay tolls with that. In Switzerland you buy pic related and you're good for the whole year, no more tolls, until the 31st January of the next year where you have to get a new one, number is the year:
  5. I share that sentiment, most likely it has just been poor planning and execution, just like with any portuguese project funded by the government, wouldn't be a new thing which is unfortunate. Every year I get baffled by the amount of shitty implementation I find there on vacation in comparison to where I live. Although there still has to be a project that tops the failure that is the electronic toll system their highway uses, great new highways that nobody uses since its too expensive, unless you're someone that lives in the vicinity of a big city like Porto and Lisbon. In regards to that, a better system could had been a sticker you slap on your windshield that you could buy in any supermarket or gas station to drive in all highways for a whole year, kind of what Switzerland is currently using and Germany is going to probably use soon as well. I would however keep the EasyToll system for any foreign car.
  6. No, that's irrelevant, SIM swapping involves social engineering, not a software/hardware exploit.
  7. Give it 10 years or maybe less. Since Intel will have to answer to Zen in some shape or form with a new Arch, you can expect both companies going back and forth with high core count + features for years to come. Lets just hope that a 10 year monopoly like we lived through with Intel will not happen that soon ever again...lack of competition is a killer for innovation.
  8. A method that doesn't work here in Switzerland. In order to get a sim card here you need to personally go to a shop with a provider stand and fill out paperwork including presenting your ID that is cross-referenced with a database to check for genuinity. This process is both for prepaid cards and subscriptions. My homeland Portugal, all you need to do is go to a shop and buy one, no questions asked. As far I know it's not possible to do sim swapping in Portugal either, so the US seems incredibly backwards in security in that regard.
  9. That's a complete non sequitur to what I wrote so I won't bother going deep into it. 4chan bans users that don't follow their guidelines, job done from their part, whatever happens in another corner of the internet isn't 4chan's beef. So grouping it together with 8chan, is incredibly disingenuous. Want to discuss these things without being judged and censored? Easy, get a Tor Browser and go to the darkweb, there is a Chan there too.
  10. I don't like the fact that you're quoting 4chan in this, sure there are questionable individuals there but it's in no way shape or form comparable to 8chan, that place is surface level darkweb tier when it comes to controversial opinions and talking points. 4chan on the other hand is incredibly tame, the only place there that's cancerous is /pol/ which is a containment board that every other board in 4chan hates, there is a reason 8chan users call 4chan the "cuckchan" because in 4chan you get IP Banned and to a certain degree even IP Range Banned for being a radical of any sort. 4chan is in no way shape or form as controversial as it was made out to be by the media back in 2006-2008, it's very tame and quite honestly a great place to be in depending on your interests (boards). 8chan on the other hand is a cesspool of pure cancer and so are many subreddits in reddit which to this date still have plenty of subreddits containing gore and child pornography getting banned and re-emerged as a new name instantly.
  11. I welcome this with open arms, Google doesn't want to add Encryption to Google Keep notes, so I'll let a malware do it for me.
  12. Ahem...attention everyone...JOHN MADDEN aeiou
  13. This isn't even news at all, literally just went to google, grabbed the price history, and wrote something random. Crypto prices fluctuate all the time, big effing woooo...