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  1. If you go through the discussion youll notice that all of these issues have been addressed, but ill give you a TL;DR coz im bored in class: The price for the Apple products are not even that bad for the components you get and how long these machines last. Also, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Meaning that people think that Apple products are worth the money due to reasons I will get into in a sec. Apple's design ethos has never been for the user to customize and change stuff, theyre target audience at the moment are people who do not need powerful machines (yet they put an i9 in an iMac, Even I thought that was a bit daft). The TA don't need to upgrade RAM or change things as in depth as windows users do. Onto the OS: Now, I think that Apple's OS is god tier because its so simple and easy to use, which is part of the appeal. Apple users don't have to worry about viruses or adware, or going deep into the file system to fix files or whatever. Further to that, IOS is so simple and clean, it just works. There is no hassle and you can set up the phone in under 5 minutes. Apple's OSs may be restrictive and controlled but the people who use Apple love that. As for the changing of dongles, Apple has always done this. They were the company who started the extinction of optical drives and some could even argue that they made the smartphone popular. They have always been the proponents of change and they do this in a radical fashion. Like the sudden removal of the headphone jack as a way to push blue tooth. As for the slowing down of older phones, check out this video brought to you by iFixit, get your ifixit toolkit for 59.95
  2. I think that is true. However I must add that Apple products are built like a tank (unless they have inherent design flaws, which happen a lot more often than I like to admit). We still have an iMac from 2009 running flawlessly with only a couple upgrades to storage etc. and I personally still have a macbook air from 2015 thats been used everyday for the past years and it still works great.
  3. Yes. This is 100% true. I wouldn't say it as "screwing over" their customers. My mother is not the most tech savvy and that is why she loves apple because she does not have to worry about going deep into the file system or worry about adware or viruses. People like this place value on those kind of features. Now, I'm not going to go and say that apple is the best and we should support them no matter what. Not by a long shot. But this needles barrage of hate from the PC community for every tiny slip up in their products is undeserved. What we really should be critisizing is Apple's repair policy and how they screw over small repair businesses by basically not allowing them to repair apple products.
  4. you may have misread, I totally agree with you that apple is for people who don't know much about computers and how they work. Apple's supposed target audience is meant to be creative people but I think they've moved to more ease of use for the everyday person who does most of his/her work on google drive or other online platforms.
  5. Apple's software has always been restrictive, but that is what I personally think makes IOS so good. It's just so easy to use and it looks so clean
  6. My one is named Mr. Looba because my build is janky af and I think the name fits too well
  7. You are obviously not the target audience for Apple, they are not meant to be gaming machines. They are meant to be for the less tech savvy users, for whom, this Apple ecosystem is a god send. They don't want to customize their computer because simply, they don't care. I agree that the incompatibility is dumb, 100%. Furthermore, Steve Jobs was a great guy and designer, I'm not sure why you hate him. The "status" symbol part of Apple you talk about may be true in some places but even if it is true, there is nothing wrong with it! You spent a good amount of money on a nice product so I don't think its a bad thing to show off a little
  8. Although I do agree that Apple isn't what it once was, they still make some good products, like for example the AirPods. A lot of people hate them but I have to say that from experience they are well worth the price tag due to their sleek design and the butterfinger resistant case.
  9. I would have to disagree with you on that point, I have an iPhone and the OS is the best part about it. I have talked to many samsung users and they all generally agree that IOS is a super good looking design and is really easy to use. Don't get me wrong though, I know the company has done some really horrible things but their IOS is unbeatable by phone standards IMO
  10. I agree with a lot of your points. Apple is not the best company, not by a LONG shot. They do some pretty shitty things and I agree with your points 2 and 3 but you can not deny that they have made some pretty impressive products with some great ingenuity and you have to respect them for that.
  11. I grew up around Apple products and I think that they have some amazing products and have good innovation. The build quality and design Ethos of the company is magnificent, They're OS (both for the phones and the laptops) is super easy to use and just works without much of a hitch. Even thought they are a little pricey, I personally think it is worth it. Furthermore I have had experience with both MacOS and windows and but I must say MacOS is so much prettier and easier to use and there is little to no hassle on the users end. On the other hand, they really limit the ability of external parties to do things on an Apple computer, for example; As Rossman said, Apple policy on repairs to macs is super tight and makes it so that going to the apple store is the more efficient way to go. The Warranty and the BS apple care thing is quite a scam as we always end up paying for something if it breaks anyway. These tactics allow for Apple to rake in the sweet sweet cash money from the consumer's misfortune. In conclusion, Apple has great innovation which really shape the way Technology develops (smart phones, the absence of optical disk drives and now the move to make everything wireless), but they really need to work on their outward appearance to the public. Although, the PC's community unreasonable hate for Apple is usually jumping on the band wagon instead of their opinions being backed by facts and experience ps. one can of worms I didn't open was the way they handle their workers in the factory but I could talk about that for an hour without reaching a conclusion and I don't really think it adds anything to the thread but I wanted to put it out there.
  12. Turns out the PSU played a part and would randomly overcharge my CPU, I shelled out another 600 (HKD) and that fixed the issue partly. I do suspect that I put too much thermal paste and that the cooler is a little sketchy. I might go and buy another, proper cooler. Thanks for all the suggestions, you guys are the best P.S if I tried to delid my CPU I would have probably cut myself or something, knowing me.
  13. Hey Guys, So Ive had my PC for about 2.5 years now and I have never encountered an issue with my CPU, up until now.. I booted up my PC and I noticed that at startup my CPU would be around 75 C (ive got an Intel i5 6600), I thought this was just a startup thing. After I started using my PC for a bit watching LTT videos and all that good stuff, my PC shutdown and then restarted with the American Megatrends screen and a message saying "CPU Temp Too high" and wouldn't boot. I had screwed around with the cooler a couple days before that too clean dust etc. and so I re applied a generous amount of thermal compound. This led to no avail, at idle my CPU would be at anywhere between 50-94 degrees C. (this is without watching videos and just as I write this). Is there anything I can do before my hairs go grey and my skin shrivels up? I included some screen shots of my CPU temps. Thanks so much in advance, Sam