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  1. All settings are set to default except the ram running at 2400 atm.
  2. Thnx, never really thought about updating the bios. The board should be able to take 3000mhz though right?
  3. So I’m looking for help with OCing in this board (Rampage V extreme). I have done really miner tweaks and then decided to reset the settings back to stock. One thing I noticed was I couldn’t get my ddr4 XMP profile of 3000mhz to work. The OC will only take up 2400mhz. I have also looking to OC my cpu.
  4. The settings I have right now is the same as the one I had before the the bios update. They were stable AF as I had them running like that for 6 months with no issues, then I did two updates and it started to crash left and right.
  5. This started happening on Saturday when I did a bios update/chipset update. I have been having crashes where my pc will crash and then hang where I can’t shut off the pc by holding down the power button. I have to shut it off by shuting off the psu. I have a moderate OC of 3.8ghz on a r7 1700 at 1.35v. The rest of my setup is a Strix b350-I mobo/vega 64/Corsair vengeance RGB 3000mhz ram. The only thing I have done besides those two updates was update my graphics drivers of which I have uninstalled and reinstalled and same problem occurs. I have done the same with bios to revert to a prior version but I’m still having the same issue. Anybody have a resolving answer?
  6. Did you happen to figure out the issue? I’m having the same issue and I just rolled back my bios and hopefully that was the case.