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  1. I am considering adding 64GB extra RAM to my existing 64GB RAM so I reach the maximum of 128GB RAM that is the theoretical maximum amount of memory that can be fitted in to my system. The system currently holds this type of memory: 2x Corsair Vengeance LPX - 32GB: 2x16GB memory kit - CMK32GX4M2B3000C15 The system is around 1 year old. I am afraid that the memory kit part number will be removed from the marked within the next year and then I may have to buy a brand-new RAM kit and throw away the old RAM. I have heard that mixing types of RAM when you have very heavy RAM usage can be tricky. I use my system for virtualization and run multiple servers and client operation systems at the same time to simulate varies setups. I have not yet been in a situation where I can not run what I need. But if I figure out that I need the capacity down the road and end up buying 128GB RAM in total will be a shame. Do you guys think it is a good idea to go maximum memory for potential “future proofing” the system now or would you just wait