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  1. GPU

    ok thanks for quick help hope to get some more help in the future
  2. GPU

    thanks i was going for the 1080ti but i saw some comparisons on some websites , and marketplaces, and they said
  3. GPU

    i wold say i would use it for gaming and for rendering , maybe at the same time ?
  4. GPU

    Whats the best gpu out there is it the Titan X , Titan V , 1080 or something else
  5. Motherboard

    i havnt built it jet i am just asking
  6. Motherboard

    those are my parts MSI GeForce GTX 1080 Ti Gaming X Trio 11G Fractal Design Define R6 Intel Core i7-8086K Limited Edition processor be quiet! Dark Rock 3 coller Asus Prime Z370-P EVGA Supernova G2 650W Corsair Vengeance DDR4 32 GB
  7. Motherboard

    4 x SATA III, 2 x M.2 will it work ?
  8. Motherboard

    Asus Prime Z370-P
  9. Motherboard

    hey I am at my job know but I'm gonna put in 12tb x 3 in my build . can I post the motherboard here when I'm back from work and you guys can tell me how many sata ports there are
  10. How much gb can my pc handle

    Games , Video Rendering/Storage , and programs , i use visual studio 2015 with all the add ons , 100+ gigs
  11. How much gb can my pc handle

    yeah i know i had a heart attack when i put my old ps3 hdd in and it didnt show up , luckly i found out how to formart it into NTFS
  12. How much gb can my pc handle

    i have a store close by that is reliable i bought my pc , desktops , consoles , usbs , controllers there and everything was autchentical
  13. How much gb can my pc handle

    thanks my man , now i dont need to worry
  14. How much gb can my pc handle

    its a prebuilt gx-781 i have UEFI in speccy it says its a
  15. How much gb can my pc handle