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  1. i use kovaaks to practice my aim, and in the most popular tracking scenario i score always 40% accuracy and thats in top 25% i think. its what i am acostumed to.
  2. thats the thing i do, i run i see enemy then i shoot, there is not brain begin used in between there. i tried something like a commentary but for myself, telling myself ok im going here they can be here here and here and i actually flicked on someone without seeing him or hearing him and i was proud of myself
  3. i have only ever played at 60Hz so i dont know how it is on the other side
  4. i work 7 hours and i play 7 hours, i have played call of duty since the first one but when i got into mp was around cod4 the original, so i have well over 10k hours in this series, i played really good from cod4 to bo3 but then my skill started to go down, and i didnt play any less
  5. its not too high for "me" i hit every shot when i have the opportunity as someone else mentioned here it might be my reaction time but if you want to know i'll use a popular game so you can try my sens in game for csgo its 1600dpi with 2.40 sensitivity
  6. i am 17, and i am starting to see my reaction time deteriorate, when i was a kid i still am but when i was 10-15 i used to shred people in cod from the first one all the way to bo3 after bo3 i got substantially worse, i didn't stop playing in that time put as much time now as i did then, so it kinda weird for me.
  7. yh i used to do that, at the beginning of the round and tell our team to go to where least enemies went, i didnt even know its a known strategy, but everygame is a little different, on csgo you need to think, on games like cod mw which i play rn it feels like everybody is just brainless but infact the good people think alot, which i just cant do even when i try its just black up there in my head
  8. ah i understand, i wanted to drink gfuel and get that dopamine firing, but its bad for you so i stuck with water. now on a serious note, anything i can do to get mentally good at the game? i am talking about thinking at a different level cuz from what i can remember after each game, it felt like i was brainless, and i was playing on autopilot. second, how did "git gud" become so popular ?
  9. a really simple post, whenever I play any game that involves multiplayer PVP so for example cod, destiny 2, bf, etc. I cant do good against KB/M players, and this is not a post about aim my aim is good, when I get the chance to shoot the enemy from behind, and their zigzagging or strafing, jumping, etc I can hit every shot, but if its a gunfight I loose 85% off the time for some reason I can't comprehend, I hit most shoots but then die. I have map knowledge and knowledge about mechanics, recoil, etc. any suggestions for what I can try? P.S - Every game I play has 60FPS constant so it's not hardware related, mouse and keyboard are wired Logitech G502 Turtle Beach Impact 100 Arctis 7's - Wireless Monitor is 1ms
  10. i think if a game enables you to play crossplay. xbox n ps4 should be a must when enabling crossplay and you can check a box that also allows pc players, for those who care, but i think most really casual players dont really care they play to have fun not to do good
  11. most games have an icon saying if someone is using kb/m and some games do matchmaking input based
  12. then that means you havent launched the specific games recently or have played to many other games except the specific game that why it disapears too clean space, run it from where i told you and it will appear again
  13. Arctis Pro's they offer a lot of customizability and you can use different modes for music,videos,movies,gaming etc i personally use them
  14. ps4 does support kb/m but only for limited amounts of games for example some version of final fantasy, cod mw 2019, overwatch there are more but these are the ones i remember