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  1. So , my sister's laptop is slow I decided to swap the only drive the laptop has, a HDD for SSD that i just bought. Swapped it successfully. Then i tried installed windows 10bfrom a thumb drive, but the laptop couldnt find any drives. Im sure i plugged the ssd correctly, Do i need any driver or something in the thumb drive too ? The laptop is Dell by the way. Thanks ! Sorry im kinda new
  2. ahhhh now i know ! well now i have anoter question, what counts as 1 write cycle in SSD ?
  3. So i have read online, we need as fast as possible drive for cache and if possible in a different drive from the software. So, I'm thinking of adding m.2 nvme ssd to solely be a cache drive , in my case here's a couple software: [Adobe after effects, premiere, maya, and other software cache's.] But i've also read online that M.2 NVME has a small durability in read/write. Im thinking, cache always come and go, so my m.2 will be dead quickly. So, is m.2 nvme good for software caches and can stay for a long time ? Sorry for my bad english, not my native language
  4. Here's the recent transfer that I do. it consist of 30GB of 76 mp4 files. the speed is only 66.8 MB/s The file is from my WD harddisk (usb 3.0) to my WD my book (usb 3.0) which doesnt explain why the speed doesnt reach the usb 3.0 max speed I never got above 100mb/s transfer speed
  5. yes my usb3 drivers are working and updated, i checked here https://www.lifewire.com/install-usb-3-drivers-windows-10-4588096 mostly im transferring alot of footages/clips, around 500 or more videos.
  6. So I have a normal internal Harddisk, which usually will get up to around 100mb/s and i have a WD external harddisk, which also get up around 100mb/s. both is connected to usb 3.0/3.1 but when transfering data, windows only telling me that the speed is only 30-40mb/s why is it ?
  7. my pretty new monitor started showing these weird green thing.... It's pretty new, only around 5 or 6 months Its LG-27uk600-w https://www.lg.com/id/monitor/lg-27UK600-W a decent and fairly cheap 4k monitor, but somehow after not long time of use, it started showing that thing ? anyone know why ? I contacted LG and they only tell me with an automated message , "just come and bring the required paper and we'll fix it for you" not really telling me why it broke, and why so early
  8. My pc case is very very old, so the hub is usb 2.0 and is kinda broken. But my motherboard is gigabyte g1 sniper b6 Which has some usb 3s But I need more ports, and even a usb-c port Is there something i can add, maybe plugging in a SATA device or anything to my motherboard to have an extra hub ? Thanks
  9. yes, it only appears as one device...
  10. so i want to change from my speaker to headphones in one button so i bought an audio splitter, i plug my speaker and headphone but when i do that, the audio came from both of the speaker and headphone how to make only one of them sounds thanks
  11. alright, edited it again haha so... my problem still presists